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The Broadcast plugin provides content types for distributing or promoting video in the context of franchises, shows, seasons, episodes, and specials. You can set parent-child relationships in these types to create a hierarchical flow of section and subsection pages on your sites. The following diagram shows the top-down relationships you can configure with the Broadcast content types.

Broadcast hierarchy of content types: parent-child relationships
Figure 178. Broadcast hierarchy of content types: parent-child relationships

The following scenario illustrates one way to configure the Broadcast types to leverage parent-child relationships. Movie Madness (MM) is a subscription-based, movie streaming service that introduced a prestige line of films last year. To promote its new offering, MM created a site branded "The Finer Arts." The site lists all its shows and provides video previews of all its episodes and specials.

Given this scenario, MM configured the Broadcast types as follows:

  • Franchise is collection of shows. Having produced two shows for its prestige franchise, MM created "The Finer Arts" franchise page to promote the brand and to navigate to two show pages: "Literary Classics on Film" and "Modern Plays in Verse."

  • Show is a container that can hold a collection of seasons, episodes, or specials, and can have a franchise as a parent.

    MM created a page for each of its two shows: "Literary Classics on Film" and "Modern Plays in Verse." The parent of the show pages is the "The Finer Arts" franchise page.

    MM distributed its "Literary Classics on Film" show as a season package, consisting of multiple episodes for season one. Its "Modern Plays in Verse" show, on the other hand, contains one-off productions that are promoted as specials, which are not associated with a season. Whereas the "Literary Classics on Film" page links to the season-one page, the "Modern Plays in Verse" page links directly to the special pages.

  • Season is a collection of episodes organized by a time frame, and has a show as a parent. Having produced one season of its "Literary Classics on Film" show, MM created a season-one page that provides links to each episode in that season.

  • Episode is a video asset with either a show or season parent. For its "Literary Classics on Film" show, MM created five episode pages for season one. The video asset in each episode's page is a clip, which provides a short preview of the episode. Clip is another content type included with the Broadcast plugin.

  • Special is a video asset that is not associated with a season of multiple episodes, but is typically a one-off production of a show, which serves directly as the parent of the special. Having produced two specials for its "Modern Plays in Verse" show, MM created two special pages. The video asset in each special's page is a preview clip.

If the above content types are not included in your Brightspot deployment, contact your Brightspot representative.