Support and Documentation


Videos can deliver messages that mere words or images cannot.

Adding a video
Procedure. To add a video:
  1. If necessary, upload the video to your CDN provider, and select that provider in step 3.

  2. In the header, click |mi-add|.

  3. From the Create list, select Video. A content edit page appears.

  4. From the Provider list, select one of the available sources for a video.

    • For HTML5, click |mi-add_circle_outline|.

      • Under File, select New Upload or New URL.

      • For New Upload, click Choose, and then browse to the file that you want to upload.

      • For New URL, enter the URL.

    • For the other video providers, fill out the form as required.

  5. Under Headline, enter a headline. Some video selections automatically populate the Headline field. You can override the headline if you want.

  6. (Optional) Under Sub Headline, enter a subheadline.

  7. (Optional) Under Body, enter a description.

  8. Under Section, select a section.

  9. Under Package, select a package.

  10. Under Tags, click |mi-add_circle_outline|, and then select tags.

  11. Complete your site's workflow and publish the video.

Downloading and sharing a video

You can download videos from Brightspot and then share them with anyone—even with people who do not have a Brightspot account.

Procedure. To download and share a video:
  1. Search for and open the video in the content edit page.

  2. Click |mi-more_horiz|, and from the menu, select Download Video.

Your browser downloads the video. You can send the video directly from your laptop or share the download link in your browser's address bar.