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Introduction to theming

All web pages have a front end—the rendered page that a visitor sees and interacts with in a browser or mobile app. Enterprise-grade front ends have the following components:

  • Layout—The location of each element in the web page. Layout is implemented with traditional HTML.

  • Styling—The appearance of each element, such as colors, borders, and spacing. Styling is implemented with traditional CSS.

  • Behavior—The actions and reactions of individual elements, such as animations, data validations, and AJAX calls. Behavior is implemented with traditional JavaScript or jQuery.

A combination of layout, styling, and behavior is a theme.

Some publishers use Brightspot in a headless environment with their own front end, and they maintain their in-house theme. Other publishers use Brightspot in a decoupled environment, and they use Brightspot's front end with various, pre-configured themes.

Styleguide is Brightspot's development environment for creating themes.