Support and Documentation


Swatches provide a convenient way for site designers to select colors that conform to a site's branding. You can configure a default swatch for all sites, and designers later customize the swatch for each site as necessary.

You configure the default swatch in the theme's file styleguide/_colorPalette.config.json. The following snippet shows defaults for two colors in a swatch; you can define up to seven colors.

  "colorPalette": {
    "colorOne": {
      "type": "color",
      "displayName": "Color 1",
      "cms.ui.placeholder": "#ff1e3c"
    "colorTwo": {
      "type": "color",
      "displayName": "Color 2",
      "cms.ui.placeholder": "#202020"

At run time, when a designer opens the color picker, the swatch appears along with the hue and saturation controls.