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Component layouts

This section describes the layouts for low-level components contained in layouts for higher-level components.

Structural layouts

Structural components provide structure to your website. Examples of structural components include header, footer, and navigation.

The following wireframes represent several structural layouts. These templates for these layouts are available at the following locations:

  • /styleguide/core/page/PageHeaderTextHat.hbs

  • /styleguide/core/banner/Banner.hbs

  • /styleguide/core/navigation/Navigation.hbs

  • /styleguide/core/page/Page.hbs

Module layouts

Brightspot provides several modules you can incorporate into content types. Examples of these modules include the following:

  • Promo

  • List

  • Quote

  • Carousel

  • Tabs

  • Rich Text

  • Container

The following wireframes represent layouts for several modules.

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