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What version of Brightspot do I have?

You can display the release version of your Brightspot build and the version of all of the components included in the build. This information is helpful in identifying editorial features and fixing or reporting issues.

. To display version information:

The About page consists of three sections: your Brightspot release version, a list of the Brightspot plugins and dependencies, and a list of the third-party plugins and dependencies.


Brightspot's plugins are identified as follows:

  • Artifact—Component's Maven artifact.

  • Version—Version component of this release. For an explanation of version numbering, see Version numbering format.

  • Release—Last Brightspot release for which the component was updated.

Referring to the following example—

  • The access plugin was last updated to version 4.1.20190711.155122-437 for Brightspot release 4.1.4722.

  • The ap plugin was last updated to version 4.0.20190501.213905-151 for Brightspot release 4.0.1453.


The third-party plugins included in the Brightspot release are identified by their file names, version numbers, group IDs, and Maven artifact IDs.