Support and Documentation


BSP-3607 causes a severe editorial issue, and this release should be generally avoided in favor of v3.3.7.

  • Search result after bulk upload doesn't have any items until page refresh

  • Common content widget can contain types that can't be created

  • Bulk uploader sometimes takes a really long time to display

  • Style template overrides in example JSON doesn't work

  • Contextual rendering doesn't work on a list

  • Apple Keynote files aren't recognized correctly causing errors during upload

  • Grouping by text field in Solr returns unexpected result

  • Index recalculation sometimes causes errors in logs

  • Style template overrides sometimes don't show examples in dropdown

  • CMS pages that contain forms load slowly when there are a lot of fields

  • Allow adding custom words to the spell checker

  • Change watchers widget to use the new ContentEditWidget API

  • Add segmentation target on content type view count

  • Support custom HTML display in drop-down options

  • Building CMS is slow which makes development painful

  • Allow editorial configuration of content types via content forms globally