Support and Documentation


  • Unlabeled fields in bulk edit are very misleading

  • Text "null" is passed instead of an empty message when publishing to social networks

  • Some items in content form's visible fields disappear on save

  • Content edit widget display of Express component can't be controlled in a client project

  • JSON API sometimes errors on empty data

  • References widget displays all items instead of the 10 most recent

  • JSON API is broken when logged in because of BrightspotCmsFieldAccess comments

  • Some image edits, such as rotations and flips, don't display correctly on FE

  • JSON API sometimes returns inaccurate numbers

  • Including Google Analytics plugin causes errors on some pages

  • ImageSize API should support the use of JavaImageEditor

  • Deprecate Query#fields and related methods

  • Improve migration report to display the actual migrator associated with a content type

  • Add more native components