Support and Documentation

v3.3.33.0 release

Release date: January 14, 2019

New feature

There is new Revision History widget accessible under the gear icon. Filed under: revisions


Homepage variations are now captured in the revision history, so you can revert to older versions. Filed under: homepage

You can now exclude a specific asset from the results of a dynamic list. Filed under: list

Only one update or correction was being displayed on the frontend for an article or press release; articles and press releases can now have many updates and corrections and all display for visitors. Filed under: revisions

In Styleguide, defining a style variation previously required both a template (path to a .hbs file) and example (path to a .json file) or the build would fail. Defining a template is no longer necessary for the Styleguide build. Filed under: Styleguide

Defects addressed

At the start of the task to re-create a sitemap, the existing sitemap was deleted. If visitors attempted to view the sitemap while it was being created, they saw an error (404) message. The existing sitemap is now retained until the new sitemap is published. Filed under: sitemap

HTTP requests to DIMS were being redirected to HTTPS and causing user profile images to appear incorrectly. The request is now routed through HTTP and the user profile image displays correctly. Filed under: user profile

Field-level locking failed to lock a field or display a message after the Image Option field was edited. Field-level locking now works as expected. Filed under: locking

When copying content that contained a dynamic list, an error occurred, which has been addressed. Filed under: list

When an Ad module contained an ad that was the same size as other ads published for that site or another site in Brightspot, the ad was not appearing on the frontend. Multiple ads of the same size are now supported. Filed under: ad module

With the Access plugin enabled, the options for Content Substitution and Internal Redirect types (under Admin > Sites & Settings > [Site] > Front-End > Access) were disabled; they are now enabled as expected. Filed under: site setting

Empty key-value pairs in Dari settings now throw an error and do not save instead of saving and causing the CMS to be unusable. Filed under: Dari

Saving credentials entered in Sites & Settings for the Brightcove Editorial Setup resulted in an error that has been resolved. Filed under: Brightcove

A revision in a workflow status was incorrectly listed in the References widget and is now shown correctly. Filed under: References widget, workflow

Adding companion content to a scheduled video and rescheduling the video resulted in an error message and a duplicate time stamp field; this error has been addressed. Filed under: video, schedule