Support and Documentation

v3.3.32.0 release

Release date: September 14, 2018

New features

You can now locate Giphy gifs in federated search, preview the metadata, and import them as images into Brightspot. Filed under: Giphy

You can now locate Vimeo videos in federated search, preview the metadata, and import them as videos into Brightspot. Filed under: Vimeo


You can now make a copy of a content template that is a draft or published. For example, if you create a content template for a page and want to make a variation of that page, you can start by copying the existing content template. Filed under: content template

When the entries in a submission form are exported to a .csv file, the submission date for each entry is now included to make it easier to process and track data. Filed under: submission form

Previously Brightspot supported publishing a video with the same URL from a video provider such as YouTube on only one site. You can now publish the same video on multiple sites. Filed under: video

To support disabling the inline editor for all sites, there are now options in Global for Disabled, All Content, and Only Main Content. Filed under: site setting

It is now possible to reset a user's two-factor authentication. Filed under: authentication

On the user/role dashboard, a new column called Last Login Date has been added. You can sort by this column. Because last login date is a newly tracked field, you will see N/A in place of an actual date until the users logs in again. Filed under: user account

Defects addressed

If there were more than 10 items with comments in a Community widget, a pagination button appeared in the top right. Upon clicking the pagination button, the widget disappeared. It now functions as expected. Filed under: community

When trying to approve a comment via a workflow in the Community widget, an error was logged and the comment not approved. That error has been addressed. Filed under: community

When using a Site Search Results widget on the dashboard, clicking the pagination to show more results caused an error. Clicking the pagination now shows more results as expected. Filed under: CMS search

After archiving a workflow, it was no longer visible. Archived workflows are now shown in the list of workflows as expected. Filed under: workflow, archive