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v3.3.31.3 release

Release date: September 12, 2018


The timeout for story locking has been revised. The inactivity timeout default is two minutes, and the hard timeout is eight hours. In other words, if a user is viewing an asset and it is locked and there is no activity for two minutes then the asset is automatically unlocked. An asset is automatically unlocked after eight hours regardless of the amount of activity that has or is occurring with that asset, and the locking user is notified via an informational message and work in progress is saved if enabled. Filed under: locking

Defect addressed

A user who owns an article was editing it in multiple tabs. Another user attempted to edit the article and it was locked as expected. When the article owner closed all the tabs except one, the article was unexpectedly unlocked and another user could edit it. Locks now work as expected regardless of the number of tabs open. Filed under: locking