Support and Documentation

v3.3.31.0 release

Release date: July 26, 2018

New feature

Brightspot now has a Public Profile page on which you can place distinct modules such a dynamic link. Filed under: user profile

Live Wheel, which was formerly a field that could be enabled on a playlist, is now its own content type. A Live Wheel is a playlist that will continually loop, mimicking a repeating TV broadcast. A start time is required; it is the date and time picker for when the playlist begins. For example, you create a two-hour long playlist consisting of ten videos with the start time of 12 pm. A visitor views the asset at 1:17 pm. Brightspot delivers whatever video is located at 1 hour and 17 minutes into the playlist, which will most likely be in the middle of a video. Filed under: live wheel

Homepage is now its own content type. Filed under: homepage


Section and Tag pages now support action bar. Filed under: tag, section

The Save Draft button has been renamed to Start New Revision for clarity. Filed under: revisions

A history of video consumption is now captured in the User Profile for visitors when they are logged in. This allows logged in visitors to return to videos started and not completed. Filed under: user profile

There is now advanced search capability on the frontend that allows for the use of quotation marks. Filed under: search

Defects addressed

A sitemap with UTF-8 characters was not being encoded; the sitemap now works as expected. Filed under: sitemap

A color was identifiable by reviewing the image but was not present in the Color Circles field on an asset page or the Colors filter option in search. Colors now appear as expected. Filed under: color filter

Attempting to save an article with a Salesforce ID produced an error; this has been fixed. Filed under: article

When adding YouTube videos as an enhancement in the rich-text editor in an article, only a box was displaying. The actual video now displays as expected. Filed under: YouTube

The Search Analytics widget was displaying the results from all sites; it now displays only the results for the current site. Filed under: analytics

Content forms set to be site-specific were impacting additional sites. Site-specific content forms are now only available on the site specified. Filed under: content form

When new content was added while working in a workstream, the number that indicates tasks remaining was failing to update correctly. The number is now accurately reported. Filed under: workstream

When a form was disabled in a site's settings, it was still appearing as a content option on the site. This has been fixed. Filed under: form