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v3.3.30.5 release

Release date: June 25, 2018


To provide more flexibility on creating titles on the lead carousel promo, there are now two different headline sizes offered as options. On the Overrides tab from the Title Size drop-down menu, the options are Default (46 px and bold) or Large (80 px and bold). Filed under: promo

The affinity actions (i.e., Bookmark, Favorite, Follow) only rendered in an action bar for authenticated visitors. The affinity actions now appear in the action bar for all visitors. If a visitor is not logged in, upon clicking an action, the login page opens. Filed under: affinity actions

There is a new plain text field Biography for the User content type. Each user configures a biography in the user profile. Anyone with access to the Edit User page is able to view and alter other users' biographies. Filed under: user plugin

Defect addressed

While typing in the rich-text editor, text was sometimes disappearing; this has been fixed. Filed under: rich-text editor