Support and Documentation


  • Multiple rich text fields in same object with different toolbars render incorrectly

  • Dari - AbstractFilter + AbstractFilter.Auto does not allow abstract subclasses

  • Rich text enhancement toolbar sometimes doesn't display next to the enhancement

  • Spanish Local Translations: Work Streams Module

  • Error in Content Template edit page -- Discoverable.ExcludedField should have a nullary constructor?

  • Tutorial Project Generating SqlDatabaseException

  • Facebook Instant Article Feed's "Description" field is logically required but isn't marked as required

  • Styleguide generates view which extends non-existent interface

  • SiteSettings objects can only be accessed globally

  • EL used to drive dynamic notes should be protected

  • Eclipse doesn't display thumbnails for documents, presentations, and spreadsheets

  • LinkedIn Authentication Provider throws an error when an existing email is used

  • Interchanging between an item stream to a dynamic item stream puts existing items as pins at the bottom of dynamic results.

  • AnchorableWithOverrides' placeholder doesn't work with Augmentations

  • Validation errors messages on unlabeled fields are unnecessarily indented

  • NPE when saving admin collection

  • BSP Facebook Social Login is broken for all new Facebook Apps will break on all existing apps soon

  • After ViewGenerator refactor, Asset Request Status and Asset Sharing views are broken.

  • After ViewGenerator refactor, Asset Request has two conflicting ViewModels.

  • ARTICLE - RTE Italics + Link

  • Brightcove - exception terminates ingestion

  • Old dependency is being referenced in brightspot-mail-publishing project.

  • Frost: Mobile - Link Spacing

  • Video Page not rendering associated Playlist Items.

  • Site Search Analytics JS tag is written into the body of AMP pages, breaking AMP validation

  • LINKED TEXT are disappearing in promo description/share description if they are programmed in the first paragraph of an article

New features
  • Automatically detect and notify if a newer version of the Styleguide exists

  • Quiz Asset

  • Playlist Item as its own view type.

  • Content from the Web Page Ingestor should carry a source

  • Add captcha support to forms

  • Move Section Navigation Into Main Tab (Instead of Overrides)

  • Modernize CMS UI FE to use some of the latest tooling

  • Dynamic List Modules should be able to Pin any ModuleType not just Promotables.

  • Frost: JS improvements

  • CDN helper shouldn't keep trying to upload files that don't exist

  • Frost - remove font loading from the critical path

  • Frost: Reduce page load size by defaulting most images to be of format 'jpg'