Support and Documentation


  • Disabling Crosslinker for specific content using the CMS right rail widget fails

  • "Published by" appears for non-published content

  • "Published by {user}..." message is wrong when the item fails validation

  • When Kaltura Content Plugin is disabled, the Kaltura Provider should not display on Video

  • When YouTube Content Plugin is disabled, the YouTube Provider should not display on Video

  • When Vimeo Content Plugin is disabled, the Vimeo Provider should not display on Video

  • Themes: Canvas - PageLead Isn't Displaying on Default Page Template

  • Adds an option to display repeatable items in a vertical layout

  • Sites & Settings global access

  • NPE when exporting FormSubmissions to CSV

  • Upgrade frontend-maven-plugin version used

  • Default asset approval setting is ignored in global site

  • Adding 'Published' filter in search can add non-published Content and make Scheduled Content appear twice

  • Saving ToolUserLoginTokens fail when using a Postgres database

  • Canvas Theme: Spacing Issue With Parallax Promo Lead & Half Width List Style

  • ColorDistribution writes temp files to the file system and does not clean them up

New features
  • Federated Search: YouTube

  • Podcast

  • Podcast Episode

  • Ops: _ping to proxy for CMS health

  • Soundcloud support as external content - oembed stuff

  • SearchResultFields should use localized names

  • Frontend Field in group ImageOption rendering as JSON instead of using template

  • Add Description Field to Section

  • Add Description Field to Page

  • Hide publishing history by default