Support and Documentation


  • User sometimes can't log in after they've logged in from many different devices

  • Shared Module label does not honor renaming (localization) from properties file

  • Shared Module does not pick up Content Templates

  • Section (CMS): Internal name sometimes defaults to fallback required text

  • AffinityData will never decrement TimeSeries when Affinity is deleted (and increments TimeSeries too early)

  • ToolPageContext should reference ToolPermissionProvider for site permissions

  • Blog Assignment Appears Twice on Blog Post

  • Update Express FE to use the latest versions of Node.js and Yarn

  • Eclipse : Our Topic Module - Promo Titles should truncate

  • Conditional validation on CommonContentSettings for better back compatibility

  • Hiding CMS stack traces should apply to DebugFilter

  • 404 errors from _content-edit-widget with custom root context path

  • Users & Roles clears changes after user presses "save"

  • Duplicate permalink causes pre-existing permalinks on Content to be incremented

  • ImageMetadata causes NPE if reading Image's metadata returns null

  • Foundry Theme: Unwanted extra HTML character displays in page header

  • Specifying specific classes in RSS feeds doesn't work for augmented classes.

  • Polo theme removal: Grandparent and Site module follow-up cleanup.

New feature
  • Introduce site integration tests

  • CMS -> Dashboard -> Bulk Upload Settings -> Default Type should limit available types to reasonable options

  • Documentation: brightspot.corporate.pressrelease

  • Documentation: brightspot.corporate.syndication

  • Documentation: brightspot.comscore

  • Documentation:

  • Documentation:

  • Deprecate brightspot.commerce.product

  • 2 factor auth - need more generic language

  • Improves object select search results to be similar to global search

  • Add Javadocs for ContentEditWidget

  • Add Javadocs for ObjectUtils