Support and Documentation


  • Module Content Type: Remove "Shared" option from dropdown

  • Row key labels displays too much information for database objects

  • Correct "This" Metrics Calculations to Not Be Slightly Off

  • Build process requesting imported font URL despite (css) qualifier present

  • Analytics - Unusually high Avg. Time on Page values

  • Themes: PreviewPage.hbs files are providing a broken preview experience

  • Custom form module: Submissions tab pagination issues

  • og:image is different from twitter:image in the source

  • Themes: Blocked threads when copying Themes JAR file

  • Notifications: Saving a draft or moving through the workflow triggers a Publish notification

  • Lack of help tip while login with un-approved or incorrect email address and password

  • Once.ensure invocation on concurrent threads don't wait for the first one to finish

  • Articles with using shared image (or shared video) is rendering the image very large and fuzzy

  • Update Inspire Confidence data migrator for compatibility with platform migrator API changes

  • Playlist Permalink Rule returns "/null"

  • Inspire theme doesn't render any pages

  • Regression: VanityUrlRedirect strips periods out of URLs

New features
  • Federated Search: YouTube

  • Migration: Provide migrator base classes for AEM

  • Federated Database

  • New Dari object field annotation to exclude types

  • Allow User Submissions from forms to be exported as a CSV file

  • Bring Back Crosslinker

  • Need to be able to hide RTE element buttons in projects downstream from BEX

  • Documentation: brightspot.instagram.rte

  • Analytics - Time Spent metric - format change to hh:mm:ss

  • Styleguide should error when trying to theme the same file multiple times

  • Downloading should be allowed for really large files

  • Developers should have better control over display order of tabs and clusters

  • Add New Analytics Time Period: Yesterday

  • Polo theme should be removed since it's no longer maintained and supported