Support and Documentation


  • Augmentation support for abstract types

  • Video is showing up as bulk uploadable type, even though there is no direct file field to upload to

  • FacebookSettings appID is required to show the facebook action via the ViewModel

  • Plugin Version of clirr-maven-plugin missing in express-grandparent pom

  • Global site setting to enable Amp doesn't cascade

  • Amp: Need a mechanism for adding styles

  • Basic and Advanced Gallery Enhancement: Bulk Uploaded Images are not rendering

  • Collections - On pagination it should take user to top of next page

  • Eclipse: Promo titles should truncate

  • OneOffImageOption setAltText to wrong obj

  • Missing promotableType on OneOffPage, Package, Section, Tag, Blog, BlogPost, and Employee

  • ClassCastException in HierarchicalData.beforeCommit(

  • ShareableData missing setShareImage()

  • Deadlock can occur if Settings#putPermanentOverrides and #getOrDefault are called from different threads.

  • Notifications Bell Window: Overlay Window Doesn't Scroll

  • XSS vulnerability from fields in content diff view

  • Custom search filters intended for ExternalItems are not rendered

New features
  • Commenting: Moderation

  • Container Modules

  • RSS / Atom Support

  • Spanish Local Translations: Front End Tab for content types

  • Spanish Local Translations: Common Content Widget

  • Documentation:

  • Improve StringUtils Javadocs

  • Documentation: brightspot.amp

  • Update User Profile ReadMe

  • Improve cacheability of pages behind CDN when authenticated

  • Brand: Field Consistency Changes

  • Product: Field Consistency Changes

  • Topic: Field Consistency Changes

  • Country: Field Consistency Changes

  • Refactor Open Graph ViewModels to use an inheritance structure

  • Changes ViewModel selection to be completely deterministic and never error

  • Add cache control headers in Brightspot authentication plugin

  • Clip: Rename Name Field to Title

  • Improve Field Ordering on Employee

  • Allow Episodes, Clips, and Specials in Video Enhancements