Support and Documentation


  • Saving a draft shouldn't trigger any of the events bound to the original object

  • Uploading a theme sometimes errors

  • not working in theme

  • JSON API is broken when logged in because of BrightspotCmsFieldAccess comments

  • References widget no longer displays view all link

  • RteImporter - whitespace not always respected

  • VanityUrlRedirectFilter should depend on ExtraResponseHeaderFilter

  • Site Search filters incorrectly persists page

  • Filter Chain: filters being called more than once per request

  • A Tale of Two Themes: Don't Cross the Themes (Total Protonic Reversal)

  • ContentEditable should support Augmentations

  • og:image exceeds maximum allowed size; it should always be a resized image, not an original

  • Focus change using Tab doesn't work for rich text fields on enhancement form

  • Videos without URLs shouldn't display on Sections

  • BEX Auth (IC and Canvas themes): UnauthenticatedNavigationItem doesn't render

  • Amp: Fix Warnings in Styleguide build

  • Regression: @Where annotation stopped working in v.3.3.11

  • Devise a Strategy for HtmlToJsonFilter / alternative stack to correctly handle Error / CMS Pages

  • Wildcard Templates Error on Parent Assets

  • If there are multiple storage items in a bulk upload content type, the upload button is disabled

  • Using CUT causes Track Changes styled Markup

  • ObjectTypes not backed by a Java classes do not display in type select input fields

  • Twitter Summary Large Card view model throws error on non-Shareable page types

  • DFP Ads: Ad Sizes cannot be found for publishing ads & their sizes

  • Advanced query builder is not recognizing textarea field

  • SEO Title Preview is incorrectly previewing the headline

New feature
  • Make Brightspot Express Speak Spanish

  • Documentation: brightspot.core.navigation

  • Documentation: brightspot.subscription

  • Registration: Support T&C Acceptance Policy

  • Limit the list of sites a user sees when not in global

  • Improve StringUtils Javadocs

  • Support tracking of traffic by social network