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  • Too-Eager WIPs on StorageItem Fields

  • Embedded Query: content is removed when WIPs are enabled

  • Unlabeled Embedded RichText field visual change detection doesn't work (Express Article model)

  • Express Article model - Cannot clear WIP for changes made to embedded RichText body

  • Reloading a page that contains an edit form sometimes errors

  • Gallery: "Bulk Upload Draft" label on images uploaded from the gallery

  • Work in progress status message in publishing widget is sometimes upside down

  • Fields Show Up Twice When Building Advanced Search Queries

  • SVG images rendered with Image.hbs with an open-width image size don't display because they're set to width="0"

  • Deleted Content Forms Do Not Fully Delete

  • NPE when theme not found

  • Site's Page Defaults picks up Object types

  • Lots of Random Types Appear in the Content Forms Dropdown

  • Visible Site Categories are not listed on Sites & Settings Page

  • Clips Are Not Hyperlinked in Promos

  • Plugin Registry fails silently on IE

  • Canvas: Font Error Message displays on Sites Loaded over HTTPS

  • StringUtils.matchAny Returns Reversed Results

  • NoSuchFileException for Link.hbs after upgrading to 3.3.10

  • Facebook profile picture should be read-only field

  • Add option to remove items from list in hotspot popup

  • NPE in all enhancements in the RTE

New feature
  • Provide more dynamic linking of RichTextToolbar to fields

  • Maintain in focus tab on Publish

  • Documentation:

  • Documentation:

  • Documentation: brightspot.auth.navigation

  • Documentation: brightspot.auth.standard.login

  • Documentation: brightspot.auth.standard.logout

  • Documentation: brightspot.auth.standard.manager

  • Documentation: brightspot.auth.standard.registration

  • Documentation:

  • Documentation:

  • Documentation:

  • Documentation:

  • Documentation:

  • Documentation:

  • Documentation:

  • Documentation: brightspot.core.user

  • Want to be able to restrict the types of things that can go in a List module at a project or theme level

  • Author Needs Promo Overrides Field

  • Employee: If Short Description field is empty, Description Overrides fields should default to Full Description