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The following are release notes for all releases starting with v4.2.0 and ending with v4.2.14. The most recent release is at the top.

v.4.2.17 release

Release date: March 4, 2021


Site admins can now hide comments posted by a visitor. Filed under: user plugin

A toolbar button is now available in the rich-text editor for adding heading levels. These headings typically render on the front end as <h2>, <h3>, etc. Filed under: rich-text editor

Multiple workflows are now available for any content type or site-content type combination. Filed under: workflow

Conversations widget:

  • Improved display of threaded comments.

  • Improved layout and appearance of entire widget. Filed under: conversation

The processing for translations now supports the correction of validation errors. For example, an editor sent an article for translation, and in the interim the date published became a required field. In this scenario, Brightspot considered the translation as an error. Editors can now manually add the date published to the translation instead of resending the for translation. Filed under: translation

In the Edit Global and Edit Site widgets, a search field is now available to locate a label. For example, searching for Advanced lists all the accordions and fields containing the word Advanced. Filed under: site setting

Several improvements to GraphQL were deployed, including improved error messages and support for wildcard paths. Filed under: GraphQL

Social posts are now available for lookup by group, in addition to the previous user and role lookups. Filed under: social link

Users can create new content types from the Admin menu. Filed under: content form, configuration

Prior to this release, when configuring a translation, admins could select the workflow a translation entered after translation. In that case the translation entered the workflow at the workflow's first status. Starting with this release, admins can select the workflow status a completed translation enters. Filed under: translation, workflow

Defects addressed

In some scenarios, Brightspot reported that an item was archived even though the item was not actually archived in the database. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: archive, database

In some scenarios, when creating an image from a URL the crop dimensions were not honored. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: image

In some scenarios, when adding content types to a list an error message appeared similar to the following: Must match groups = and isAbstract = false! This defect has been addressed. Filed under: database

A translation for a content type (such as an article) has a completion state of Draft. An editor creates an article, manually translates it, and publishes the translation. The editor then translates the article again. Prior to this release, because the end state of the translation is Draft, the existing live translation was also put into draft thereby removing the published version from the front end. Starting with this release, new translations are published as a new revision and the previously live translations are treated as previous revisions. Filed under: translation, draft, revision

Under certain conditions, embedding an Instagram post generated an error message in the rich-text editor. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: rich-text editor

In some scenarios, previews of SVG images within Brightspot resulted in error messages. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: image

Prior to this release, when an editor archived a vanity redirect, the redirect was still active on the server. Starting with this release, archived vanity redirects are no longer active. Filed under: archive, URL

In some scenarios, the Add URL form did not appear in the URLs widget. Although this error is not reproducible in our development environment, we pushed a fix to hopefully remedy this symptom. Filed under: URL

Prior to this release, an enhancement in draft status did not render in the rich-text editor. Starting with this release, enhancements in draft status render correctly in the rich-text editor. Filed under: draft, rich-text editor

Starting with release 4.2.13 comments to items could be displayed in a threaded format. A regression error occurred when opening items with non-threaded comments; changes made in the rich-text editor for such items were not saved. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: conversation, rich-text editor

In some scenarios, deleting a content type caused an error when impersonating a user with permission to that content type. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: impersonate

Pasting hyperlinks into the rich-text editor caused an error condition. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: rich-text editor

v.4.2.16 release

Release date: February 4, 2021


A search widget is now available for the dashboard. Editors can create a custom query, and the results appear in the search widget every time the dashboard is loaded. Filed under: dashboard

The AMP validator plugin was upgraded to use the current version. Filed under: AMP

Entries in the Workflow widget are now sorted alphabetically. Filed under: workflow

Administrators can now lock Edit Site at the widget level or at the field level, thereby preventing two users from making conflicting or overwriting changes. Filed under: site setting

Items can now be assigned a published date even if they are not published. This feature is useful during ingestions of previously published content that may not necessarily be available on a live server. Filed under: publish, import

Copy site function:

  • Improved copying of rich text containing enhancements.

  • Inclusion of Record objects.

  • Choosing to copy original timestamps and editors or use the copy job's timestamp and initiating user.

  • Copying referenced items. Filed under: site copy

Editorial markup, such as comments, are no longer submitted for translation. Filed under: translation

Brightspot now incorporates Lingotek's In Context Preview/Translation feature. Filed under: translation

Editors can now apply attributes to tables, table rows, and table cells. Filed under: rich-text editor

Comments in the Conversation widget are now numbered. Filed under: content form, collaboration

A message appears in the content edit page when an editor moves an item from one status in a workflow to another. The message informs other editors working on the same item about the transition. Filed under: content form, workflow

Defects addressed

Prior to this release, the URLs widget displayed an item's published URL before the item was actually available on the production server; when editors clicked the link an error 404 appeared. Starting with this release, the URL does not appear until the published item is actually available on the server. Filed under: URL

The annotation @ToolUi.Main(false) now correctly lists the annotated content type under Misc Content Types. Filed under: search

When working with segmentation and multiple audiences, settings such as scheduled publication date or current workflow status propagated to all variations. For example, if an item created for Audience A was scheduled for publication five days in the future, the parallel item for Audience B was also scheduled for five days in the future. Item variations are now sufficiently isolated so that changes to one do not impact the others. Filed under: audience

Dropdown lists with many options flowed off the screen, making it difficult to easily scroll up/down or left/right to view and select options. Long dropdown lists now remain inside the Brightspot window. Filed under: content form, dashboard

In some scenarios, the annotations @CollectionItemWeight and @CollectionItemWeightMarker incorrectly returned infinite values, resulting in an error message on widgets such as one-off dashboards. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: content form, dashboard

In some scenarios, the space between text and an adjacent hyperlink was deleted in translated text. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: translation

An editor could change a publish date even though that field is read-only for the editor's role. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: permissions

When overriding the default order of fields in the content edit form, fields taken from one tab did not honor the override. For example, the content edit form's SEO tab has a Title field. If this field is moved to the Main tab and then configured to appear at the top, the field did not appear at the top. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: content form

When logged in to Brightspot and viewing a published page, the published page used the theme of the current site, not necessarily the published site. For example, Article A is published on Site 1. An editor logs in to Brightspot and is working on Site 2. The editor sees Article A rendered with the theme associated with Site 2. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: theme, site setting

When working with track changes, deleting a paragraph sometimes deleted the paragraph instead of marking the paragraph with a revision mark. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: rich-text editor

The rich-text editor's track changes toggle reset to off after saving an article. The toggle now retains its current state (on or off) after each save. Filed under: rich-text editor

An editor is working in bulk scheduling. The editor then creates and places an item in a workflow state. In this scenario, the item was no longer in the queue for scheduled publishing. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: schedule

In some scenarios, when working in the rich-text editor with track changes, new modules were not saved. For example, if an editor toggles on track changes and adds a list in the rich-text editor, saving the item did not save the new list. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: rich-text

v.4.2.15 release

Release date: December 18, 2020


Translations and localizations:

  • The reconciliation process between Brightspot and external services (such as Lingotek and AWS) has been improved.

  • The Translation widget was redesigned to improve usability.

  • Error reporting from Google Translate was improved. Filed under: translation

Editors or administrators can now copy themes. Filed under: theme

Editors can now bulk archive items in draft and scheduled status. Filed under: archive

The integration with LinkedIn was upgraded to use LinkedIn's latest API. Filed under: social link

When an item is created on one site and published on another site, the available tags for the item are those associated with the publishing site. For example, an editor publishes an item to Site A; that editor can apply to the item only those tags associated with Site A. Similarly, if an editor publishes the same article on Site B, that editor can apply to the item only those tags associated with Site B. Filed under: tag

In the Site Analysis widget, hovering over a point in the graph displayed a tool tip. The number in the tool tip corresponded to a date. Starting with this release, the actual date appears in the tool tip. Filed under: analytics

DIMS URLs now include a strip path parameter. This parameter indicates if metadata should be stripped from the image. Filed under: image

The rich-text editor's find-replace widget was repositioned and redesigned so that it does not cover the editing area. Filed under: rich-text editor


  • Editors can now created audiences at the site level.

  • Editors can search for archived audiences. Filed under: audience

An editor locked out of an item can now see the locking editor's avatar. For example, if Editor A is locked out of an item by Editor B, Editor A can see Editor B's avatar (and ask that Editor B unlock the item). This was a feature in Brightspot version 3 that has been added to version 4. Filed under: locking

In the content edit form, an error indicator appears at the cluster level (if it exists) in addition to the message or indicator at the field level. Filed under: content form

Defects addressed

Certain settings for rich-text elements caused errors on save. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: rich-text editor

Pagination by weekly buckets in the Scheduled Events widget caused the widget to display incorrectly. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: dashboard, schedule

When Editor A opens an item in the content edit page, Editor B sees Editor A's avatar in the Recent Activity widget. In some scenarios, Editor A's avatar did not appear as expected. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: dashboard, locking

Items published prior to January 1, 1970 appeared with publication date N/A. The publication date now appears correctly. Filed under: date

In certain scenarios, the Recent Activity widget listed extraneous "current" content types (such as Current Brand and Current Country). The Recent Activity now lists only the relevant content types. Filed under: dashboard

In certain scenarios, selection fields opened empty, and editors needed to re-open the selection field to populate it. Selection fields now open correctly, and contain options should they be available. Filed under: content form

In certain scenarios, the caption language did not appear correctly in the AWS Elemental manifest. The caption language now appears correctly. Filed under: Amazon Elemental

Publishing by email failed when submitting an item containing an image from an iPhone. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: email to CMS

If an item contained a link to another item in draft status, translation for the first item failed. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: translation

The template placeholder combination {{#with}}-{{else}} rendered differently in the Styleguide and production environments. The combination now renders consistently. Filed under: Styleguide

Previewing an item that included certain types of rich-text elements caused the browser to become unresponsive. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: rich-text editor

Keyboard shortcuts for the rich-text editor:

  • The keyboard shortcut ⌘-⇧-Q for inserting a pull quote conflicted with the macOS shortcut to quit all applications and log out. The shortcut is no longer available in the rich-text editor.

  • They keyboard shortcut ⌘-F for finding text was overridden by the identical browser shortcut to find text anywhere in a web page. The rich-text editor's shortcut now takes precedence. Filed under: rich-text editor

In some scenarios, the Scheduled Events widget caused high CPU usage. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: dashboard, schedule

Search spotlights on terms incorrectly included partial matches. Search spotlights on terms now include only exact matches. Partial matches can still be specified as variants of the term. Filed under: search

When a Brightspot deployment included the InDesign plugin, a styling error prevented display of the login page's Forgot Password link. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: InDesign

In some scenarios, images added to a gallery through bulk upload did not render on published sites. Images bulk uploaded to a gallery now render as expected. Filed under: bulk upload

In some scenarios, promoting an item from another item did not populate the corresponding placeholder text. For example, promoting a video from an article in the article's Overrides tab did not populate the promo's title, description, and image with text from the video. The placeholder text is now populated as expected. Filed under: promo

In some scenarios, workflow notifications were not working as expected. The condition causing this error was corrected. Filed under: notification, workflow

v.4.2.14 release

Release date: November 4, 2020


The email server Brightspot uses now includes a send timeout. If emails are not successfully sent within the configured timeout, an error is raised. Filed under: notification, subscription

In full-screen mode, the rich-text editor displays information about tracked changes and comments. Filed under: rich-text editor

When performing an action from the search panel, the listing in the search panel immediately reflects that action without repeating the search. For example, if you bulk archive items in the search panel, the listing immediately reflects the bulk archive. Filed under: CMS search


  • Method- and class-level Javadocs now appear in the CDA schema.

  • Added CMA in-schema docs for modifications and indexed fields and methods.

  • Added ability to send a custom response header.

  • Improved message formatting in the case of errors.

  • Improved processing for blank parameters.

  • Improved Java APIs. Filed under: GraphQL

Canceling or deleting a job in Lingotek is now reflected in Brightspot. Before this improvement, editors needed to cancel the job in Brightspot (which then propagated the change to Lingotek) or cancel the job in Brightspot after canceling the job in Lingotek. Filed under: translation

Defects addressed

Tags created as hidden (hidden = true) when first published did not appear in a tag selection field even after changing to shown (hidden = false). This defect has been addressed. Filed under: content form

The Lingotek community is set to A, and an item is sent to Lingotek for translation. The Lingotek community is then set to B. Sending the same item for a subsequent translation failed. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: translation

The AMP plugin now validates items that include a form. Filed under: AMP

JSON+LD representations of objects were either incorrect or invalid for several content types. The representations now conform to prevailing standards. Filed under: API

When two editors are working on the same item, and one of them experiences a network disconnect and then reconnect, the content edit page did not correctly display the field locking messages during that time interval. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: locking

A regression bug prevented editors from adding live blog posts to live blogs that are in the draft state. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: live blog, live blog post

Field-level locking was not honored in some situations, resulting in one editor overwriting another editor's changes. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: locking

Under certain conditions, the processes for generating a sitemap entered a deadlock condition. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: sitemap

Under certain conditions, sites that included a path in the URL (not just a domain name) did not properly display a published page. Pages now render correctly as expected. Filed under: site setting, URL

When searching for content and sorting the results by relevancy, fields with comma-separated result (such as tags) did not display correctly. Such fields now display correctly in the search panel. Filed under: CMS search

Under certain conditions, SQLExceptions were preventing publishing of content. Those exceptions have been resolved. Filed under: database

If an editor was working in a site's default locale, the browser's default dictionary was activated instead of any available custom dictionaries. Custom dictionaries now activate as expected. Filed under: localization

A few synchronization bugs were addressed with the InDesign plug-in. Filed under: InDesign

Under certain conditions, embedding an Instagram post generated an error message in the rich-text editor. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: rich-text editor

Under certain conditions, editing an image in the rich-text editor added an extraneous image. Editing images in the rich-text editor performs as expected. Filed under: rich-text editor

v.4.2.13 release

Release date: October 6, 2020


If an editor mentions another editor in a conversation, the second editor does not receive a notification (unless that editor is also a subscriber). Filed under: notification


  • Updated the Java library to version 15.

  • Added ability to set permalinks.

  • CMA class now saves UUID.

  • Optimized CDA handling of themes. Filed under: GraphQL

Admins can now configure the AWS SQS configuration in context.xml. Filed under: notification

Content edit form's Conversation widget:

  • Text now wraps in the comment field.

  • Editors can now apply rich-text features such as images, lists, and hyperlinks.

  • Editors can organize comments into threads. Filed under: conversation

The search panel's left rail was re-organized so that uncategorized filters appear below the global and content-type filters. Filed under: search

Log messages from the AWS SQS queue now include the specific class and queue names. This improvement facilitates debugging. Filed under: debugging

The Taxonomy widget's appearance was updated to match other Brightspot widgets.

The ValueGenerator class was upgraded to provide more consistent rendering in the content edit form. Filed under: content form

Defects addressed

After upgrading from version 3.x to 4.x, some roles changed to read-only. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: permissions

Synchronizing content between Brightspot and InDesign that included quotation marks introduced an error in the InDesign copy. Synchronization with quotation marks now works as expected. Filed under: InDesign

After creating a form for external submissions, the front end did not always export those submissions. Exporting submissions now works as expected. Filed under: form

Toolbar menu items for custom rich-text elements defined as a block were unresponsive to mouse clicks. These menu items now work as expected. Filed under: rich-text editor

Adding an author to a live blog post caused an error. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: live blog post

Opening an existing draft appends the draft's historyId to the URL. Making a change to the item and saving it retained the previous draft's history ID in the URL—even though in the database, the new draft has a new history ID. The correct history ID now appears when saving a new draft from an existing one. Filed under: draft

In some configurations for roles, an associated editor was not able to search for a team member to fulfill an assignment. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: Assignment Desk

Suppose a permission allows access to individual content types. Editors with that permission were not able to search for associated content. For example, if an editor has permission to access authors, that editor could not create an article and then search for authors to associate with the article. (This situation occurred when the content type, authors in this example, is not searchable.) Editors can now search for content associated with any content type to which they have access. Filed under: permissions

In some scenarios, a front-end template did not render an item's preview correctly in the content edit page (but did render the item correctly on the production server). This defect has been addressed. Filed under: preview

When bulk uploading images to a gallery, if some of those images were invalid (such as a text file or an unsupported graphic format), the resulting content edit form and the published gallery did not render correctly. Brightspot now correctly accounts for invalid images contained in a bulk upload. Filed under: bulk upload, image, gallery

On some browsers, the list of modules available for a lead did not scroll correctly, preventing editors from selecting some of the entries. Editors can now select all available lead modules. Filed under: content form

Several items are in a workflow. An editor selects those items and transitions them using Bulk Workflow. If the editor selects the last transition (effectively publishing those items), those items could not be retrieved in the search panel. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: search, workflow

Editor 1 transitions an item to its next status in the workflow, applying a comment. Editor 2 transitions the same item to the following status, also applying a comment. In the Revisions widget, only Editor 2's comment appears, because the previous comment was deleted. Starting with this release, all comments are retained during workflow transitions, and they all appear in the Revisions widget. Filed under: workflow

If a contact form includes a long text field, the form's preview in the content edit page showed HTML comments. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: form, preview

If an item is published on more than one site, the sitemap included the links to all those sites. For example, if Item 1 is published on Site A and Site B, the sitemap job for Site A included the URLs for both Site A and Site B. Starting with this release, the sitemap job for Site A lists the URLs only for Site A, even if a particular item is also published on Site B. Filed under: sitemap

Editors could not drag and drop an image into the rich-text editor. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: rich-text editor, image

When starting a new item with the preview pane open, the preview pane displayed an error message. Starting with this release, starting a new item with the preview pane open does not display an error message. Filed under: preview

Saving large taxonomies caused out-of-memory errors on the Brightspot server. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: tag, server

Custom previews, such as those for InDesign, were not displaying correctly in the preview pane. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: preview

When an editor's locale is French, the right rail and rich-text editor did not appear in the content edit page. The right rail and rich-text editor now appear as expected. Filed under: localization

When adding a sequence of enhancements in the rich-text editor, the text for a previous enhancement overwrote the text for the following one. For example, if an editor adds an image with a caption, then an HTML module with a caption, the image's caption overwrote the module's caption. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: rich-text editor

v.4.2.12 release

Release date: September 8, 2020


The content picker for modules now has an All category for viewing all available modules, as well as links in a left rail for filtering the modules by category. Filed under: content form

Certain tabs and widgets in the content edit form were restructured to simplify the editorial workflow. Filed under: content form

Sticky-search settings are now configurable at the site level. Filed under: search

GraphQL CMA was enhanced to asynchronously update different fields on the same record without conflict. Filed under: GraphQL

The Navigation content type was enhanced to allow for sub-navigation and groups of navigation links. Filed under: page

Administrators can set any default delivery option for automatic subscriptions. Prior to this release, the only available default delivery option was through the browser. Filed under: permissions

Editors can now associate a promo category and a promo category link on assets and promo modules. Filed under: promo

Defects addressed

The following defects in the rich-text editor were addressed (filed under: rich-text editor):

  • Dragging and dropping images into a gallery enhancement in the rich-text editor resulted in unexpected behavior.

  • Saving tables inside the rich-text editor added extraneous line breaks.

  • Pasting marked-up text with links into the rich-text editor resulted in those links not appearing, but they did render correctly in the browser.

  • Embedded raw HTML inside the rich-text editor occasionally prevented editors from saving or publishing the item.

  • In some cases, when adding an enhancement inside the rich text editor, clicking Save in the enhancement's widget had no effect.

In some scenarios, the Recently Used section of a content picker did not display the most recently used entries. This defect has been corrected. Filed under: content form

In some scenarios, retrieving images from Getty resulted in incorrect pagination. This defect has been corrected. Filed under: Getty image

Naming a revision in a workflow state caused an error. This defect has been corrected. Filed under: revisions, workflow

If an item was in a workflow that implemented notifications, then editors received notifications as the item traversed each state in the workflow. Revisions of the same item did not trigger workflow notifications. Revisions now trigger workflow notifications. Filed under: revisions, workflow

Inside various widgets (such as a rich-text editor's enhancement or a content picker), clicking inside the widget and releasing outside the widget resulted in incorrect behavior. Clicking inside a widget and releasing outside the widget now produces the same effect as releasing inside the widget. Filed under: content form

In some scenarios, Assignment Desk did not emit notifications when a pitch or assignment changed. Assignment Desk now emits notifications as expected. Filed under: Assignment Desk, workflow

In some scenarios, dragging and dropping modules in the content edit form moved other modules in the content edit form as well. This defect has been corrected. Filed under: content form

The Switch Site widget did not function correction after switching to the Global site. This defect has been corrected. Filed under: header

v.4.2.11 release

Release date: August 6, 2020


The Lead widget now includes a Recently Used list to quickly add a component to an item. Filed under: content form

Prior to this release, the rich-text editor did not adequately preserve attributes for objects with no fields. Starting with this release, the rich-text editor preserves attributes for such objects. Filed under: rich-text editor

In some cases, toggling a field on or off did not correctly change the toggle's color. Brightspot now renders the toggles with the correct color depending on the "on" or "off" value. Filed under: content form

The GraphQL implementation was enhanced to reduce unnecessary overhead. Filed under: GraphQL

Admins have a new Site Redirects feature that redirects traffic from one domain to another. Filed under: URL

Defects addressed

Updates to the rich-text editor caused a regression error with the track changes feature. Track changes now works as expected. rich-text editor

When clicking on a saved search, Brightspot intermittently displayed a message Request URI too long. Clicking on saved searches no longer results in this error. Filed under: search

An update to localization caused a regression error the display of Brightspot widgets in the InDesign plugin. The widgets now appear as expected. InDesign

Tabs with the same display name caused incorrectly nested layout of fields in the content edit form. Tabs with the same display name now render fields correctly. Filed under: content form

The Description field in the SEO tab did not always display the correct value. The correct value now appears. Filed under: SEO

Hidden content types appeared in drop-down lists of content types. For example, if the Author content type is hidden, Author appeared in drop-down lists of content types. Hidden content types no longer appear in such drop-down lists. Filed under: content form

Field-level locking in revisions. Consider the following scenario:

  1. Editor A creates an item, creates a new revision of that item, and tabs into a field.

  2. Editor B opens the same revision, and tabs into the same field. Editor B sees the warning that Editor A has already locked the field.

  3. Editor A makes a change, saves the item, and tabs out of the field.

  4. Editor B receives an indication that the field is no longer locked.

In this scenario, Editor B can now modify the field. However, the text Editor B sees in the field is not the most recent version that Editor A has saved. When saving the item, Editor B overwrites Editor's A latest text. Starting with this release, Editor B must refresh the content edit page before making changes in the revision. Filed under: revisions

Prior to this release, the Resources widget for a site did not correctly display fallback resources available at the global level. Starting with this release, a site's Resources widget displays resources at the global level unless overridden at the site level. Filed under: content form

v.4.2.10 release

Release date: July 7, 2020


Integrated a new version of the GraphiQL explorer. Filed under: GraphQL

Updated Java and Node.js libraries to include latest security patches. Filed under: security

Inside the rich-text editor, editors can now press Shift+Enter inside a numbered or bulleted list to start a new paragraph without the number or bullet. Filed under: rich-text editor

Administrators can reduce the number of search fields for various content types. Doing so may provide for a smoother editorial experience when searching in the search panel. Filed under: search

In the rich-text editor, editors now have expanded features for working with tables. (Some of these features were previously available in Brightspot version 3.x.) Filed under: rich-text editor

Defects addressed

A recent update to GraphQL functionality caused regression errors in some of the developer UI controls and displays. Those errors were addressed. Filed under: GraphQL

Bulleted lists in the rich-text editor that had some hyperlinked items did not retain markup after publishing the page. Hyperlinked items in bulleted lists now persist as expected. Filed under: rich-text editor

In some scenarios, customizing the rich-text editor's toolbar prevented display of the submenu under the Track Changes button. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: rich-text editor

In the Edit Site widget, the desktop was not available as one of the preview device types. Desktop is now available as one of the preview device types. Filed under: site setting

In the rich-text editor, an error occurred when closing a pop-up widget for examining one of the embedded enhancements. This defect has been addressed. Filed under: rich-text editor

In the rich-text editor, adding an enhancement as an item in a bulleted list generated an error. Using enhancements in bulleted lists now works as expected. Filed under: rich-text editor

Some aspects of Instagram feeds were not displaying correctly on the front end or were not integrated correctly with Brightspot. The feeds now display correctly. Filed under: social

If you published a CustomContentDeliveryApiEndpoint in 4.2.9.x and are upgrading to 4.2.10.x+, your endpoints need to be republished in order for them to continue working. Filed under: GraphQL

v4.2.9 release

Release date: June 2, 2020


Assignment Desk:

  • Editors can update due dates directly from Assignment Desk's dashboard.

  • Editors can print the listing in Assignment Desk's dashboard. Filed under: Assignment Desk

When filtering on audio files, the search panel defaults to a list view instead of a grid view (because there is no thumbnail available for audio files). Filed under: search

GraphQL was enhanced to include support for StorageItems, image sizes, additional form inputs, maps, and other features. Filed under: GraphQL

Administrators can now configure for which content types the Social Publish accordion appears in the content edit form. Filed under: content form

Brightspot received some new icons for common actions, such as file uploads. Filed under: content form

Front-end designers can now add hidden fields to forms. Filed under: Styleguide

Defects addressed

Prior to this release, the Revisions widget displayed only the first page of a site's history. Starting with this release, the entire history is displayed. Filed under: site setting

In the preview pane, the content picker dropdown was not displaying any options if the media picker dropdown was empty or non-existent. The content picker dropdown now works as expected. Filed under: preview

Advanced queries were incorrectly including certain fields in the results. Advanced queries now work as expected. Filed under: search

A query using paginated results that returned an empty result set threw a divide-by-zero error. This condition is now tested and the error no longer appears. Filed under: Dari

v4.2.8 release

Release date: April 20, 2020

New features

Editors can now enter notes for a field. For example, for a headline field, an editorial note may be "Keep headlines to less than seven words." This feature is available throughout Brightspot, and can be limited to a particular role. Filed under: content form, site setting

Editors can now submit content to AWS Translate directly from Brightspot. Filed under: Amazon Translate

Brightspot can now deliver customized and localized error messages. Filed under: localization


Prior to this release, the content edit form and Assignment Desk forms potentially included a lot of tabs that made for a cluttered display. Starting with this release, the tabs are available under a "more" more_horiz icon. Filed under: content form, Assignment Desk

Assignment Desk's dashboard now includes a notification indicating that the assignments are out of date. Editors can refresh the dashboard to see updated assignments. Filed under: Assignment Desk

The rich-text editor has new and expanded keyboard shortcuts. Filed under: rich-text editor

Editors can now select the site from which they import content from Brightspot to InDesign. Filed under: Adobe InDesign

Prior to this release, workflow notifications were available only to editors subscribed to such notifications. Starting with this release, any editor can receive workflow notifications. Filed under: notification, workflow

Display names for image sizes can now include a hyphen or any other character in the Styleguide configuration file. Filed under: image

Defects addressed

When editing a gallery from search results in list view, the content edit form did not display correctly. The content edit form now displays correctly in this scenario. Filed under: content form

If a role has permissions to a content type, users in the role could not add one-off assets to items of the content type. The permissions logic has been fixed to allow this scenario. Filed under: content form

Duplicate translations caused an unnecessary duplicate primary key exception. Duplicate translations no longer throw this exception. Filed under: translation

When working in an InDesign item in Brightspot, opening and then closing the preview pane made the content edit form inoperable. The content edit form now operates as expected in this scenario. Filed under: Adobe InDesign, content form

A regression bug involving the @Where annotation prevented, among other things, the content edit form from properly populating selection fields. The annotation now works correctly. Filed under: Dari

v4.2.7 release

Release date: April 6, 2020

New features

Brightspot imports events from Google Calendar, displaying them in the intranet plugin. Filed under: Google calendar


Assignment Desk's search function now more closely resembles Brightspot's general search function. For example, the New Pitch and New Assignment controls in Assignment Desk's search panel are now available as selections in a Create widget. Filed under: Assignment Desk

Prior to this release, unscheduling an item required the permission to delete content. Starting with this release, editors assigned the new unschedule action can unschedule items. This action, as with all other actions, can be isolated to specific content types. Filed under: schedule, permissions

To better utilize screen space, the Actions widget has been eliminated from the search panel, and its various controls (such as Fullscreen) have been moved to other portions of that panel. Filed under: search

The Site Categories widget now lists site categories in alphabetical order. Filed under: site setting

Prior to this release, when switching sites in the header, editors needed to select a site category and then select the required site. Starting with this release, the Switch Site widget provides an All Sites option to list all available sites, so there is no need to remember with which category a site is associated. Filed under: sites

When providing access to content from other sites, editors can now allow access by site category, not just by individual sites. Filed under: permissions

Brightspot now implements the latest Instagram Graph API specification, and still maintains the previous Basic API. Filed under: Facebook

A workflow is now available for deploying a Brightspot development environment on Windows machines. Filed under: development environment

When editors add items to a gallery, the content edit form now scrolls down to display the most recently items added. Filed under: image, gallery

Defects addressed

On the mobile version of the content edit form, long strings extended past the visible portion of the screen instead of wrapping within the screen. Long strings now wrap within the visible portion, and there is no need to scroll horizontally. Filed under: mobile

When displaying content with the inline editor, some components of an item did not appear. All of an item's components now appear in the inline editor as expected. Filed under: inline editor

The image editor did not always display images correctly due to missing but optional crop dimensions. The image editor now displays images correctly in the absence of crop dimensions. Filed under: image

A content search that provided no matching results perturbed the display in the search panel. The search panel now displays no-result searches correctly. Filed under: search

After replacing all text in the rich-text editor, Brightspot closed all open pop-up widgets even if they should have remained opened. Pop-up widgets now remain open after replace all as necessary. Filed under: rich-text editor

After retrieving items in the search panel, marking the select-all checkbox perturbed the display of the search panel. Marking the select-all checkbox now maintains the expected display and workflow. Filed under: search

When a new editor logs in through Google Tool Authenticator, that editor was assigned no role and hence received full admin permissions. New editors logging in through Google Tool Authenticator are now assigned the default role. Filed under: permissions

v4.2.6.1 release

Release date: March 18, 2020

Defects addressed

When errors occurred during bulk upload, error messages were not always displayed. Error messages are now displayed as expected. Filed under: bulk upload

Brightspot users were unable to enter an email address or other contact information for external team members in Digital Asset Management. That information can now be entered as expected. Filed under: Digital Asset Management

v4.2.6 release

Release date: March 4, 2020

New features

Brightspot has a new integration with Amazon Textract for automated text extraction from PDF documents and image files saved as JPG and PNG. With the extracted metadata, the documents are more easily accessible using Brightspot search. Amazon Textract is enabled as a plugin. Filed under: Amazon Textract

Brightspot now generates a log of actions taken by Brightspot users, including successful and unsuccessful account logins, changes to an account, changes to content types, and permission changes. For each event, when the event occurred, where the event occurred, the source, the outcome, and the identity of the users associated with the event are captured. Filed under: logs


Dashboards are available to view and edit directly under Admin on the navigation menu. Filed under: dashboard

Filters in the Community Moderation widget now persist. When you set a filter, the setting is still applied when you log out and log back into Brightspot. Filed under: community

You can now add a title to the Resources widget. Filed under: Resources widget

If you need to publish a large taxonomy set and have the tags prepared in a CSV file, you can now upload that file to Brightspot using the Upload widget. Brightspot automatically creates the tags and applies them to the site on which you are currently working. The CSV file must contain the Display Name, Internal Name, Description, SEO Title, SEO Description, SEO Keywords, and URL in plain text. If the file contains any duplicate tags, Brightspot updates the existing tags. Filed under: tag

If an error occurs during bulk upload, you now have the opportunity to fix the error without uploading all the files again. Filed under: bulk upload

When configuring a Brightcove account in Brightspot, you can now add an internal name. Filed under: Brightcove

Certain areas of Brightspot are designed to be used only by developers who are aware of the implications of making any changes to avoid catastrophic errors to the site. For access to these developer areas, Brightspot users must now be assigned to a role that has developer permissions enabled. Filed under: user

When you open or close the lead in an item, Brightspot remembers that selection and the lead is opened or closed in all content types. Filed under: lead

The bulleted list and numbered list icons in the rich-text editor now serve as toggles for applying and removing bullets and numbers from items in a list. If the cursor is on an item in a bulleted list, click the bulleted list icon to remove the bullet or click the numbered list icon to change the bullet to a number. If the cursor is on an item in a numbered list, click the numbered list icon to remove the number or click the bulleted list icon to change the number to a bullet. If the cursor is positioned before the first letter of an item in a list, click the backspace key to remove the number or bullet. Filed under: rich-text editor

To improve accessibility, you can now use the tab key and the return (or enter) key on the keyboard to navigate to and then select various elements on the Brightspot user interface. Click the tab key while on a page to access fields from left to right then down the page. Filed under: accessibility

In Digital Asset Management, the Download and Share options have been moved to the Tools Menu. Filed under: Digital Asset Management

In Assignment Desk, the Create Assignment option has been moved to the Tools Menu. By default, the Assignment Desk Dashboard now displays 50 assignments, instead of 10. Filed under: Assignment Desk

In the CMS search, selections for common filters can now persist across content types until you click Reset. The Enable Sticky Search Filters option must be marked in the Global site settings on the navigation menu under Admin > Sites & Settings. In the search panel, the common filters are displayed above the filters specific for the content type. Filed under: CMS search

There are now two options for restoring archived content: restore it to either draft status or live status. When restoring content to draft, the content is then sent through the workflow before publishing and reactivating the URL. Filed under: restore, archive

User settings were stored locally, requiring the settings to be configured on different devices. The user settings are now stored with the user account so the settings are available on all devices. Filed under: user profile

In the Upload widget, if you click outside the pop-up window or close it, a confirmation message will appear to verify the action. The confirmation is designed to prevent you from inadvertently closing the window and having to start the upload process again. Filed under: upload

To facilitate running simple queries, the predicate input field in the GraphQL Schema for the Content Management API is now optional instead of required. The query limit has been increased from 10 to 200. Filed under: API, GraphQL

To improve the experience for mobile users, the Preview pane is automatically off by default. For other devices, there is a new Closed by Default option under Sites & Settings > Preview to turn off preview by default for the entire site. Filed under: preview

The current options to increase contrast and change black inputs have been combined into one option called High Contrast Mode. Filed under: article

When uploading files, after choosing files to upload, the names of the each file is now displayed if the file is not an image. For an image, a thumbnail of the image is displayed. Filed under: bulk upload

Defects addressed

In CMS search, not all actions were available for all results for some content types that were not published. All actions are now available as expected. Filed under: CMS search

In an article with multiple authors, when authors were moved using drag-and-drop, they could no longer be edited. The authors can now be edited as expected. Filed under: author, article

Email notifications for messages posted to Slack were displaying the incorrect requestor information. The correct name of the requestor is now displayed. Filed under: Slack notification

In the rich-text editor, when pasting cells from Excel into a table, the contents of the first cell failed to paste. The complete content is now pasted as expected. Filed under: rich-text editor

Attempting to import content from Brightspot into Adobe InDesign using the Brightspot InDesign plugin failed. The content from Brightspot now imports into the InDesign template and the data is written to the corresponding Brightspot object as expected. Filed under: Adobe InDesign

In the rich-text editor, when the HTML view was enabled, all the other toolbar actions were hidden, including the option to toggle out of HTML mode. All actions now appear in HTML view as expected. Filed under: rich-text editor

In an article, selecting Mobile in the Preview pane adjusted the content but not the size of the pane. Both the pane and the content now adjust as expected. Filed under: preview

v4.2.5.2 release

Release date: February 14, 2020

Defect addressed

An error for no such method occurred due to a necessary method signature change to allow for development of a new feature. The method with the older signature has been added back to address this error. Filed under: code error

v4.2.5.1 release

Release date: February 11, 2020

Defect addressed

Selecting content to add to a homepage or section produced an error. This defect, which was inadvertently introduced with the v4.2.5 release, has been addressed. Filed under: homepage, section

v4.2.5 release

Release date: February 6, 2020


A new track changes toolbar appears in the rich-text editor when track changes is enabled. The toolbar includes the following functionality: accept changes, reject changes, accept all, reject all, and preview. In addition, when track changes is enabled, deleted text is now indicated by a strikethrough. Filed under: rich-text editor

For Digital Asset Management, the Asset Request Approval page and all links to it have been removed. All asset requests are managed in the Assets Request widget. Filed under: Digital Asset Management

The following improvements have been made to the functionality for editing images:

  • The focus point can now be set directly on the main edit page. By default, all image sizes are selected, but you can adjust each size individually.

  • To differentiate between the metadata associated with the image and the Metadata tab in Brightspot, the image metadata is now called source data.

  • Basic cropping capability is now available on the image on the Main tab.

  • The metadata, location, and usage tabs have been removed and the options on those tabs moved to the Main tab. Filed under: image

OneGraph has been integrated into the current GraphiQL implementation. Filed under: GraphQL

In the Prose Mirror rich-text editor, when you type two consecutive dashes, Brightspot automatically converts those dashes into an em-dash. Filed under: rich-text editor

Two new modules have been added to Brightspot: a raw HTML module and an iFrame module. Filed under: module

To make it easier to view, move, and remove images in a gallery, the view options in the Gallery Enhancement in the rich-text editor have been updated as follows:

. Gallery Enhancement
  • The basic view has been removed.

  • The advanced view is now the default.

  • The gallery options are now advanced and dynamic.

  • The default view of either list view or grid view is set in Sites & Settings > Global > Main tab > UI cluster. Filed under: gallery

When adding a promo or other content to a new List module or Container module, an additional blank item was automatically added and had to be deleted to save or publish the content. The additional blank item is no longer added automatically. Filed under: list, container module

For improved performance and readability, the URL in the URL widget and the promoteable URL now link to the CDN URL directly. Previously the attachment URL was unnecessarily prefixed by the site URL, but it did redirect correctly. Filed under: URL

Defects addressed

In the Revisions widget, any changes made prior to clicking the Start New Revision link are now retained. Filed under: revisions

After playing a video in the preview pane and closing the preview pane, the video continued to play. The video now stops playing when the preview pane is closed. Filed under: video, preview

In the list view in the Gallery module, the image's caption and credit field were not populating the slide placeholder text correctly. The fields now populate as expected. Filed under: gallery

In the Search panel, recent searches were missing. The recent searches now appear as expected. Filed under: CMS search

After closing a pop-up window on a mobile device, the page would no longer scroll. The scroll function now performs as expected. Filed under: mobile

The Notification widget was displaying the incorrect label for subscription. As a result, changing the label of the subscription did not change the label in the widget as expected. The correct label is now displayed for a subscription. Filed under: notification

In the rich-text editor, an author had work in progress (WIP) and invited a collaborator to edit the text. When the collaborator clicked the text in the rich-text editor, the text disappeared. Brightspot now preserves WIP as expected. Filed under: WIP, rich-text editor

The GraphQL developer page was displaying a 404 error instead of the OneGraph application. The OneGraph application now displays as expected. Filed under: GraphQL

v4.2.4 release

Release date: November 8, 2019


To facilitate using web content in print publishing, Brightspot has enhanced the InDesign integration. Using Brightspot extension version 1.1.3 from the Adobe Exchange with the InDesign plugins in Brightspot, web editors and print designers can seamlessly collaborate on content between both InDesign and Brightspot. Filed under: Adobe InDesign

When you analyze video watch time or video average view duration, the display data is now in hours, minutes, then seconds in the format of 00:00:00. Filed under: video

When you impersonate another user, the actions that you take as that user are now attributed to you. For example, if Jane Doe updates an article while impersonating John Smith, the Revisions widget now displays "Updated – John Smith. Impersonated by Jane Doe." Filed under: impersonate, revisions

New drag-and-drop functionality has been added to reorder items on pages, such as modules; to reorder images in galleries; and to reorder enhancements in the rich-text editor. A new icon indicates that you can move that item. Select the icon and drag and drop the item to its new location. You can select icons next to multiple items to move them all at one time. Filed under: drag-and-drop

The option to toggle to HTML code has been removed from the ProseMirror rich-text editor toolbar. Filed under: rich-text editor

Defects addressed

The title text for a breaking news banner was not displaying if a link was not included in the banner; the text now displays. Filed under: breaking news banner

When creating a new notification for a workflow that applied to all sites, the option to select a site was empty; the option now displays as expected. Filed under: workflow, notification

v4.2.3.2 release

Release date: October 18, 2019

Defect addressed

An error that appeared when index values were updated has been addressed. Filed under: database

v4.2.3.1 release

Release date: October 8, 2019

Defects addressed

There was some data loss in Solr due to a defect that has since been addressed. Filed under: Solr

The Search#updateUsingParameters in the AbstractSearchPageServlet caused redirects to sometimes fail and is now working as expected. Filed under: redirect

v4.2.3 release

Release date: October 2, 2019

New features

A new API allows projects to add custom authenticators, including Google. To use a custom authenticator, implement ToolAuthenticator then configure the authentication settings. Filed under: API, authentication

Two revisions selected from the Revisions widget can now be displayed side-by-side on the page. The list in the Revisions widget also now has the option to display only named revisions (i.e., revisions that were intentionally saved and not just saved as work in progress). When a user's account is archived, that user's name will still appear in the Revisions widget. Filed under: revisions


To simplify cropping images and adding a focal point, the Focus tab on the image editor has been renamed Sizes and three default crop sizes (portrait, landscape, and square) have been added. Click the new Set Focus Point button to set the focus point. When the option to freeform crop an image is selected, the Set Focus Point button is disabled. Filed under: image, focus point

On the Assignment Desk dashboard, urgent and past due items are now flagged and elevated to the top of the list in list view and the top of the column in board view. Filed under: Assignment Desk

Similar to content locking, a collaborative editing lock has been added to the enhancements in the rich-text editor (RTE). If one user is editing an enhancement, such as an image, in the RTE, other users will see a message that there is a pending edit when viewing the RTE. Filed under: locking, rich-text editor

The following improvements have been added to content locking:

  • Inactivity timeout. If a user navigates to another tab or minimizes the browser, after a configured amount of time other users viewing the content will be notified and can take over the lock. This setting can be disabled.

  • Hard lock timeout. If a user holds a lock for longer than the configured number of hours, that user is kicked off the page.

  • Disable unlocking. A new setting and permission allows privileged users to disable unlocking which prevents any other user from taking the lock. Filed under: locking

When you drag and drop a single image into the rich-text editor, the default for transformer will now be Image Enhancement instead of Gallery Enhancement. If you drag and drop multiple images, the default will be Gallery Enhancement. Filed under: rich-text editor, drag-and-drop

Administrators are now able to reset two-factor authentication for a user by selecting the Reset Two-Factor Authentication for This Tool User option under the Tools Menu in the Edit Tool User widget under Admin > Users & Roles. Filed under: authentication

The rich-text editor now uses ProseMirror by default. You can switch back to CodeMirror by enabling it on the Advanced tab of your user profile, which is accessed under your username on the dashboard. Filed under: rich-text editor

The Express Vanity URL Redirect feature has been replaced with an improved version. Filed under: redirect

Administrators and developers can now add custom link elements in a <head>. Select Link Element after clicking Add under Admin > Sites & Settings > Global (or specific site) > Front-End > Advanced > Add Custom Head Elements. Filed under: header

GraphQL was updated so that view interface fields in the query type now support arguments from implementing view models. Filed under: GraphQL

Defects addressed

Changes were made to Dari ScriptElement children. They are now treated as raw so that HTML escaping does not apply. This change addresses invalid script body content errors. Filed under: Dari

The AWS Transcribe plugin was displaying an IndexOutOfBoundsException error message; the defect causing the message has been resolved. Filed under: Amazon Transcribe

In some instances after making changes to your source code, the Dari Reloader was returning an error message stating that the webapp was not reloaded because background tasks were running even if there were no such tasks. The Dari Reloader now works as expected. Filed under: Dari

Some icons on the toolbar in the rich-text editor overlapped and were inaccessible; the icons now appear as expected. Filed under: rich-text editor

In GraphQL, search filters failed in the delivery API; they now work as expected. Filed under: GraphQL, API

The logic in WildcardRedirect to address transfer matched path segments failed when the redirect was on a site with a path in its URL; it now redirects as expected. Filed under: redirect

A status utility called Search#updateUsingParameters for AbstractSearchPageServlet was created to ensure that search parameters are being recognized as expected. Filed under: search

v4.2.2.1 release

Release date: September 5, 2019


Utilities were added to support future improvements of redirects and search. Filed under: redirect, search

v4.2.2 release

Release date: September 4, 2019

New feature

You can now directly download a video, including the Amazon Elemental output. Filed under: video, Amazon Elemental


When you select a new object type, such as a section on a page, the drop-down list now shows an option to create a new one in addition to selecting an existing one. Filed under: section, page

When you adjust the preview window based on the device or screen size, the drop-down options on the preview toolbar now remain in a consistent position. Filed under: preview

Administrators can now define a list of common colors for each site that are displayed as swatches wherever the color picker appears in Brightspot for that site. The colors are defined on the Overrides tab of the Edit Theme page, which is accessed under Admin > Sites & Settings > Global (or a specific site) > Front-End > edit (pencil icon) next to Theme. Filed under: theme

The breaking news banner can now display an internal link, an external link, or no link (i.e., just text). Filed under: breaking news banner

The live blog post view model was modified so it returns both the date and time instead of just the time. Filed under: live blog

The VideoPlayable field is now transient in JW Player. Filed under: JW Player

Using GraphQL, you can now query by ID or path and return an invisible item by default for the content management API but not for the content delivery API. Filed under: GraphQL, API

The content delivery API in GraphQL now allows an object with a backslash (/) in its path to be retrieved. The content delivery API in GraphQL is also now able to preview global if no other sites exist. Filed under: GraphQL, API

In the view system, createViews casts a view model via type parameter, so view models can now be returned for some fields even if view models do not implement an interface of the field return type. For instance, SplitPromoRawViewModel is returned for PageViewMainField even if the view model does not implement the field interface. To accommodate this behavior in GraphQL, RawView has been added to every union type as a possible type. Filed under: GraphQL

Defect addressed

The drag-and-drop functionality was not working in a content form but now functions as intended. Filed under: drag-and-drop

v4.2.1.1 release

Release date: August 2, 2019

Defect addressed

A defect with the GraphQL locale settings that was preventing the global settings from being saved has been addressed. Filed under: GraphQL

v4.2.1 release

Release date: August 1, 2019


JW Player can now be configured to be the frontend video player, including as an option with Amazon Elemental. It can be configured with the JW Player API credentials or with the player ID from a JW Player account. Filed under: JW Player, Amazon Elemental

Find as well as find and replace have been added to the rich-text editor. You can find a word or phrase by matching either the case or whole word and replace either a single instance or all instances. Filed under: rich-text editor

Preview support has been added to GraphQL. Filed under: GraphQL

Using Amazon Transcribe, transcription for a video can now include multiple speakers with or without labels for the speakers. Filed under: Amazon Transcribe

On a live blog, there is now an option to add a label to indicate that the blog is currently live. Filed under: live blog

A rich-text editor has now been added to the video content type. Filed under: video, rich-text editor

In the rich-text editor, while one user is editing a table, another user is not allowed to delete it. Filed under: rich-text editor

The views available in a gallery have been improved. The basic view was removed because the images were too large and difficult to edit in that view. The advanced view was renamed default and is now the default view. Filed under: gallery

Site administrators can choose a default preview type under Admin > Sites & Settings > Edit Site > Main > Preview. Filed under: preview

v4.2.0 release

Release date: July 3, 2019

New features

The new media module is a more user-friendly alternative to the promo module with no link option. In the new media module, you can select Image (default), Video, or Audio for the Type. To use the new media module, there are two options:

. Image Video Audio Type
  • On the New Module content edit form, select Media for the Type.

  • Create any new content type to which content can be added (e.g., page) by selecting Add for Content > Misc > Media. Filed under: media module

The content management API in GraphQL now supports deleting content. Filed under: GraphQL, API

The following features have been added to notifications:

  • A built-in workflow subscription

  • An option to select which message formatter that Brightspot should use. (Set under Admin > Sites & Settings > Global > Main > Notifications.) Filed under: notification


When creating or editing a custom content edit form, you can now show, hide, or rename fields. Filed under: content form

The blog content edit form now contains a description field with a rich-text editor, which is the same as the description field for section, page, and tag. Filed under: blog, rich-text editor

On the Assignment Desk dashboard, you can now save a search to run again at a later time, and you can now export the results of a search as a .csv file. Filed under: Assignment Desk, CMS search

The Sharing Overrides (External) options that exist on other content types such as season, franchise, episode, special, tag, and section have been added to the author content type. The Sharing Overrides, which are on the Overrides tab, are:

. Sharing Overrides (External) Sharing Overrides Overrides
  • Share title, which displays when a visitor shares the author information via the social toolbar to Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. By default, it is the Name field on the Main tab but you can change it.

  • Share description, which displays when a visitor shares an asset via the social toolbar.

  • Share image, which displays when a visitor shares an image via the social toolbar. By default, the image is the same as the one used for the author but you can change it to another image. Filed under: author

Defects addressed

An error which appeared for the search results for SEMrush Keywords has been addressed. Filed under: SEMrush

Users were unable to edit their current profiles; the profile functionality now works as expected. Filed under: user profile