Support and Documentation


v4.0.11 release

Release date: June 3, 2019

Defects addressed

An error when searching for Associated Press images has been addressed. Filed under: AP image

When text was entered into a ProseMirror rich-text editor in full screen mode, it was not saved. Text now saves as expected. Filed under: rich-text editor

v4.0.10 release

Release date: May 1, 2019


Brightspot's handling of Twitter IDs has been improved to support the older tweets IDs with 17 or fewer digits as well as the new tweet IDs with up to 19 digits. Filed under: social link

Entering a headline and description on a parent live blog now auto-populates the Promo Overrides Title and Description. Filed under: live blog

Defect addressed

Cropping a group of images was resulting in an error which has been fixed. Filed under: image

v4.0.9 release

Release date: April 2, 2019

New feature

Brightspot has a new plugin to support an integration with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). Filed under: Adobe Experience Manager


When searching for images in Box, the results are now returned with a preview of the image files. Filed under: Box, image

While in context of the homepage, preview now displays changes as you make them to a module. Filed under: preview, homepage

The Save and Publish buttons are now disabled while an upload is in progress. Filed under: upload

If the AP Image plugin is enabled and an API key not provided, when you search for an image, an error message now appears advising you that an API key needs to be added. Filed under: AP image

The date values in search results are now displayed in the user's local time zone. Filed under: localization

Defects addressed

When using the Digital Asset Management widget to download images, metadata was being removed from the image. Metadata now remains with the image as expected. Filed under: Digital Asset Management

Adding images in a slideshow caused an error, which has been resolved. Filed under: slideshow

Hotspots in images were not working as expected, which has been addressed. Filed under: image

The Publish button on a Live Blog was unavailable in Chrome version 73; the button is now available as expected. Filed under: live blog

The Create and Edit Post button on a Live Blog was disappearing; the button now appears as expected. Filed under: live blog

In the Live Blog Post content type, some options were occasionally missing under the Tools Menu; the options are now available as expected. Filed under: live blog

v4.0.8 release

Release date: March 1, 2019


A grid view was added to the Gallery module. Filed under: gallery

Defects addressed

The ProseMirror rich-text editor was displaying duplicate options for module on the toolbar; one has been removed. Filed under: rich-text editor

In Chrome and Firefox, when an item was dragged to the bottom of the screen, the page did not scroll down as expected. Scroll now works as expected. Filed under: performance

When doing a federated search for any content and selecting a result to import, the Import button did not appear. The Import button now appears as expected. Filed under: federated search, import

v4.0.7 release

Release date: February 14, 2019


When filtering articles (or any content type) in search results, there is an option to search for articles missing a particular field, such as author or tag. That option is now a drop-down menu list instead of a checkbox. Filed under: CMS search

In the Image Editor, the focus point now only displays after you have set the focus. Filed under: focus point

Defects addressed

In the Schedule Events widget, when users created or modified an asset while scheduling events, the Schedule button was missing from the Editorial toolbar. It now displays as expected. Filed under: schedule

When two users were accessing the same item, the lock message in the content edit form was correctly displayed to the locked-out user. However, the locked-out user was still able to publish or save. The option to publish or save when content is locked has been removed. Filed under: locking

The toolbar in the rich-text editor was disappearing; it now appears as expected. Filed under: rich-text editor

v4.0.6 release

Release date: January 30, 2019


For objects that are read-only, an eye icon has been added to indicate it can be viewed but not edited. Filed under: performance

Defects addressed

Multiple issues were addressed in the Image Editor to ensure that images are now displayed correctly in the preview for all image sizes regardless of rotation or focus point set. Filed under: image

Images were displaying as blurry or the wrong size after adjusted with resize Handlebars helper. The images now appear as expected. Filed under: image

Clicking a logo on a homepage opened the page in a new window even if the Logo option (under Admin > Sites & Settings > [Site] > Page Defaults > Header) was set to None. This setting is now respected. Filed under: header

Opening a user profile in a new tab caused an error, which has been fixed. Filed under: user profile

Focus point was not maintained when an image was flipped or rotated; the focus point is now maintained. Filed under: focus point

The Preview pane for an article was not updated when changes were made after a draft was saved. It is now updated. Filed under: preview

The Image Editor was duplicating an image if a rotation was applied to an image that had already been rotated. The image is no longer duplicated. Filed under: image

Users who did not have content unlocking permissions were still able to edit locked fields and lock other users out of them. Content locking now works as expected. Filed under: locking

In the ProseMirror rich-text editor, after adding bullets to text, any character styling such as bold was removed; character styling is now respected. Filed under: rich-text editor

v4.0.5 release

Release date: January 16, 2019

New feature

Track changes functionality has been added to the ProseMirror rich-text editor. Filed under: rich-text editor


By default, Preview is now open for all content types. If a specific user closes the preview window, preview does not automatically open when that user returns to that content. Filed under: preview

The keyboard shortcuts in the ProseMirror rich-text editor have been updated so that Shift-Ctrl-G is now a Gallery enhancement and Shift-Ctrl-M is an Instagram enhancement. Filed under: rich-text editor

Defects addressed

If the theme for a site was set to default, selecting content on a Page content edit form caused an error, which has been fixed. Filed under: page

When uploading a video in the Upload widget, the percentage complete never reached 100% even when the upload was complete. When the upload is complete, the widget now shows 100%. Filed under: video, upload

When a time zone is set globally in Sites & Settings, individual sites now correctly display the global time zone. Filed under: site setting

When publishing live blog posts, a newly published post automatically now appears in the list of posts; you no longer need to refresh. Filed under: live blog post

An error causing a live blog post to fail to render has been addressed. Filed under: live blog post

Slack federated search now works at the site level. Filed under: Slack federated search

The state of the preview pane is now persistent. Once an editor opens the preview pane for an asset, the pane continues to be visible after closing and re-opening the asset. Filed under: preview

Some content that was intended to be read-only was able to be edited; read-only is now respected. Filed under: performance

In the Schedule widget, using the arrows on the calendar did not change the month; the arrows now work as expected. Filed under: schedule

In the Search widget when filtering on images, the color filter could not be clicked so by default the filter was set to black. The color filter is now functional. Filed under: color filter

When loading a video page for a video from Amazon Elemental, the time to load has been improved and issues with the window freezing have been addressed. Filed under: Amazon Elemental

The date to publish an asset in a site that did not use Eastern Standard Time was behaving unexpectedly; this has been addressed. Filed under: schedule

v4.0.4 release

Release date: December 19, 2018


The InDesign integration now supports the following:

  • A designer can update the workflow status, assign tasks to users in InDesign, and have these actions synchronize with Brightspot.

  • A PDF of an InDesign document can now be sent to Brightspot. Filed under: Adobe InDesign

In a live blog, you can now search for posts and filter the results of the search by person or workflow status. Filed under: live blog

You can now drag and drop files into the rich-text editor to upload them. Filed under: rich-text editor, drag-and-drop

In Assignment Desk, the Schedule widget has been added to the right rail for applicable content types, such as article. Filed under: Assignment Desk, schedule

For Brightspot sites that use the Assignment Desk, the Assignment Status, Editor, and Assignee fields are now available as filters for search results. Filed under: Assignment Desk

Defects addressed

With preview set to be a device other than desktop, after saving an update, the preview changed to a different device. The preview now remains as the device selected. Filed under: preview

An error that was causing Amazon Transcribe to fail has been addressed. Filed under: Amazon Transcribe

v4.0.3 release

Release date: December 6, 2018

New feature

Brightspot now supports an integration with Slack to allow for searching files in Slack from within Brightspot. Filed under: Slack federated search


In Assignment Desk, assignments can now be created for all content types. Filed under: Assignment Desk

In the Pitch content type, there are two new tabs:

. Pitch
  • An Assignments tab displays the list view of assignments associated to the pitch and has an option to create new actions related to the assignment.

  • A Content tab displays a view of content associated with the pitch. Filed under: pitch

On the Assignment Desk dashboard, the status is now displayed based on the workflow state and progress. You can manually update the status on the edit page. The statuses are:

. Assignment Desk
  • New (blue): Assignment is created with no assignee.

  • Assigned (orange): Assignment is created and assignee is added.

  • Fulfilled (yellow): Assignment content is in workflow.

  • Closed (green): Assignment content has been published.

  • Canceled: Workflow state has been manually updated to canceled. Filed under: Assignment Desk

Digital Asset Management now supports the automatic bulk upload of files via FTP; photos are uploaded to a specific location as they are taken, and Brightspot automatically uploads the new image files. Filed under: Digital Asset Management, image

Using Amazon Transcribe, you can now generate a transcript of a video and the transcript is searchable. Filed under: Amazon Transcribe

In the rich-text editor, you cannot copy and paste links to create social enhancements. Filed under: rich-text editor

The Brightspot integration with Amazon MediaTailor now supports SSL so resources can be served via HTTPS. Filed under: Amazon MediaTailor

In Styleguide, developers can now preview the override changes they make to the global theme fields. Filed under: Styleguide

Using the Adobe InDesign integration, there is now content-level locking between an InDesign version of an article and the Brightspot version. Filed under: Adobe InDesign

In the Dari debug database schema, a new item named Global has been added to the down-down list that, when selected, shows a listing of all global fields. Filed under: Dari

A new column added to the Dari debug schema now denotes whether the field is indexed or not. Filed under: Dari

Defects addressed

When you are viewing a content edit page on which another user holds the lock, the fields are now displayed as read-only. Filed under: locking

An error that occurred when clipping a video from Amazon Elemental has been resolved. Filed under: Amazon Elemental

An error that appeared during searches for images in Adobe Stock has been fixed. Filed under: Adobe Stock

Having an empty key-value pair in Dari settings caused Brightspot to stop functioning. Empty values in the Dari settings are now discarded and not saved to avoid this issue. Filed under: Dari

v4.0.2 release

Release date: November 9, 2018

New features

There is now a page for administrators and developers to view all the APIs available in Brightspot, including the model classes and fields for each. The View APIs page is accessible from Developer > View APIs in the navigation menu. Filed under: API

Brightspot has a new integration with which allows you to run native applications in your browser. Filed under:

In search, there are now tabs to allow you to search for content from external sources such as AP Images, Adobe Stock Image, Getty Images, Giphy, Shutterstock, YouTube, and Vimeo. The options available to you depend on the integrations configured in your version of Brightspot. Filed under: federated search


Using Amazon Transcribe, you can now create a transcript of a podcast episode for visitors to read and to also improve SEO. Filed under: Amazon Transcribe, SEO

With an integration to Adobe InDesign, you can now edit a Brightspot InDesign Document (BID) within Brightspot. Brightspot now synchronizes field-level and image updates between Brightspot and InDesign. You can also preview changes in Brightspot before pushing the changes to InDesign; text highlighted in red will be removed and text highlighted in green will be added. To support importing documents from InDesign, Brightspot now has Unicode character support for single and double quotation marks, non-breaking and discretionary hyphens, ellipsis, em dash, bullet character, and the following symbols: trademark, registered trademark, degree, copyright, paragraph, and section. Filed under: Adobe InDesign

The ProseMirror rich-text editor now has the option to toggle into a full screen editing experience. Filed under: rich-text editor

Administrators can now set a dashboard for a site under Admin > Sites & Settings > [Site] > Main > Dashboard. Filed under: dashboard

The Employee content type now supports social links. Filed under: employee

Defects addressed

Facebook Instant Articles were displaying the internal names of the tags instead of the display names; the display name is now shown as expected. Filed under: Facebook

The preview of an audio asset in a podcast episode would not load and play; this has been fixed. Filed under: podcast

v4.0.1 release

Release date: October 25, 2018


You can now drag and drop folders into the Bulk Upload widget to import new assets. Filed under: bulk upload

In the ProseMirror rich-text editor, you can now create and edit a hyperlink. Filed under: rich-text editor

When you create an external link in any content type, the default is now set to open in a new window/tab. Filed under: URL

Defects addressed

Content remained locked after a user exited the asset; the content now unlocks as expected. Filed under: locking

Pinned live blog posts were failing to display on the frontend; they now display as expected. Filed under: live blog

Subscription plans set in Admin > Sites & Settings > Front-End > Access failed to save; they now save. Filed under: subscription

v4.0.0 release

Release date: October 9, 2018

New features

Brightspot now has a completely revamped and updated user interface. Filed under: performance

Brightspot has a new content type called Live Blog that supports writing live blog posts, which are significantly shorter than regular blog posts. A new Live Blog page houses all of the live blog posts. Filed under: live blog

There is a new Revision History widget, which is accessible under the Tools Menu for under Admin > Sites & Settings. It displays site revisions by date and time and user. Filed under: revisions


The ProseMirror rich-text editor now supports ordered (numbered) and unordered (bulleted) lists. Filed under: rich-text editor

Defects addressed

When a transparent PNG image was published, it displayed with a black background; it now displays as expected. Filed under: image

After clicking Share on the Preview window, the Share button disappeared. The URL sent when a preview was shared was sometimes incorrect. Both of these defects have been resolved. Filed under: share, preview

The Submit button on the Forgot Password page was not functioning; the forgot password function now works as expected. Filed under: user account

v4.0 Beta 10 release

Release date: September 27, 2018


To enable publishers to meet web accessibility standards and FCC compliance, Brightspot has added caption support for video playback across devices. You can now associate caption files with an Amazon Elemental video asset that can be leveraged by a downstream video player, such as JW player. Embedded captions can also be included in the video file as an input and pass-through to an output. Filed under: video

The Styleguide menu was reorganized to have groups, such as colors, typography, modules, and pages. Developers are now able to construct a menu that is not tied to visualizing the file system structure. Also, developers are now able to control some aspects of the example page, such as whether it has the tab interface and display of anchor-able sections. Filed under: Styleguide

You can now target content to authenticated visitors that display an interest in content with a specific tag. Filed under: audience

A region setting was added to the Amazon Rekognition plugin. Filed under: Amazon Rekognition

For all federated search integrations, including images from Adobe Stock, AP, Getty, and Shutterstock, as well as YouTube videos and Box files, Brightspot attempts to match the metadata from the external source to internal Brightspot tags. If there is a match, that tag is automatically added to the new content type. For example, you run a federated search with Getty and ingest an image with the word dog in the metadata, and dog is one of your tags in Brightspot, the tag dog is automatically assigned to that image. Filed under: federated search

A new delete API has been added to the com.psddev.dari.util.StorageItem interface to delete StorageItem instances in AWS S3 when they are being used as temporary storage to send data to another system. Filed under: API

Defects addressed

Publishing or saving a clip created from an Amazon Elemental video caused an error because the new URL conflicted with the URL for the existing video. Brightspot no longer automatically generates a permalink for the new video to avoid this error. Filed under: Amazon Elemental

When an external link to a rich-text editor was added in the raw HTML markup, the external link was not correctly converted. The external link now works as expected. Filed under: rich-text editor

v4.0 Beta 9 release

Release date: September 13, 2018

New feature

Using Amazon MediaTailor, you can now configure dynamic ad stitching for your library of video content. Filed under: Amazon MediaTailor


The Podcast and Podcast Episode content types were previously available only in the Broadcast plugin. Now they are included in their own plugin called Podcast. Filed under: podcast

Certain kinds of exceptions were being thrown that were not properly managed; as a result, Brightspot was displaying stack traces instead of using error pages. Instead of having generic error pages, you can now set specific exceptions and error codes to have specific error pages associated with them. If the Not Found Error Page and Server Error Page options are set (under Admin > Sites & Settings), Brightspot automatically converts these to new corresponding error handler instances. A developer should configure any further error catching/handling, but the content type that is associated with the error may be changed or modified by an editor. A list of error codes, error categories, and exceptions may be provided, but only one instance of either is necessary. These error codes, categories, and exceptions are independent of each other; only one of the error codes or one of the exceptions is required for the error page to be triggered. Filed under: error page

v4.0 Beta 8 release

Release date: August 30, 2018

New features

Target content can now be shown to specific audiences using cookies. For example, you create audiences with a cookie target for novice, intermediate, or advanced. When a visitor selects one of these audience options, such as novice, a cookie is set on that visitor's browser. Any time the visitor returns to the site during the life span of the cookie, the visitor automatically receives the content targeted for that audience, for example, novice. Filed under: audience

Brightspot has a new integration with Amazon Rekognition, which records the metadata, such as labels, celebrities, and moderation labels to Amazon Elemental videos. You can search for these videos using the metadata. Filed under: Amazon Rekognition

In order to handle the bounce scenario for AWS SES, an SES Email Provider has been created, which can read the bounce receipts from an SQS and prevent further delivery to invalid email addresses. Filed under: notification


Basic text styling such as bold, italics, underline, strikethrough, superscript, and subscript as well as support for block element alignment was added to the Prose Mirror rich-text editor. Filed under: rich-text editor

v4.0 Beta 7 release

Release date: August 16, 2018


In Sites & Settings under Admin, when configuring content types that can have comments associated with them, the content types available are now limited to ones that visitors would realistically add comments, including Article, Gallery, Blog Post, Press Release, Podcast Episode, Image, Video, Document, Spreadsheet, Presentation, and Clip. Filed under: site setting

If an error occurs when previewing a clipping of an AWS Elemental video, an error message now appears. Filed under: Amazon Elemental

v4.0 Beta 6 release

Release date: August 2, 2018


You can now clip an Amazon Elemental video to create a new video. The video clip inherits all the metadata from the original video and the clip maintains a reference to the original video. After uploading an Amazon Elemental video, the headline field is automatically populated with the file name but can be changed. Also work in progress (WIP) is now saved so you can navigate away from the video and return to it without having to upload it again. Filed under: Amazon Elemental

v4.0 Beta 5 release

Release date: July 19, 2018


Image size format mappings are now supported to allow image conversions from and to specific formats. Filed under: image

After completing a translation using the Lingotek translation service, a new content edit widget conditionally appears if that piece of content has a pending Lingotek translation. When the Update button is pressed, each of the pending Lingotek logs is updated. If there is a completed translation for that pending log, then that translation is downloaded and the log is marked as completed. If there is not, then the message field in the log is updated with the completion percentage of the translation. Filed under: translation

Some translation services allow/require additional settings at the time of translation or at any point in the content's life cycle. Translation service settings have been added to allow you configure by translation type, site, or globally under Translation under Admin > Sites & Settings. Filed under: translation

You can now see how content is performing with rankings by performance metrics such as impressions and starts displayed. Filed under: analytics

Defects addressed

When a workflow was set for global, the statuses in the workflow were not visible in search or on any content types on any site. Workflow states are now visible across all sites if set to global. Filed under: workflow

A user without admin access could not be impersonated; the impersonate function now works as expected. Filed under: impersonate

v4.0 Beta 4 release

Release date: July 5, 2018

New features

The permissions system has been completely overhauled to support downstream extensibility, site-specific management, and integration with content forms. Permissions can now be inherit from global and overridden at the site level. For each given role, there are the following levels of permissions:

  • Site permission to allow access to multiple sites, including global.

  • Area permissions to allow access to multiple areas or navigation links.

  • UI permissions to allow access to different functionality.

  • Content type permissions to allow access to content forms and specific content.

  • Action permissions to allow access to states and transitions in workflows. Filed under: permissions

Tool user impersonation was added to allow an administrator to verify the settings they have constructed for a particular user. Filed under: impersonate


Previously only the private profile functionality was available for the User object, in which a given authenticated user could visit the associated profile page and modify account information (and also view module content, depending on how a given site has configured the page). There is now a public profile capability, in which anyone can view the public information (e.g., favorites and followed items) for a given visitor (depending on how a given site has this configured). Filed under: user profile

Video impressions, video starts, video views, and unique video views have been integrated with the Analytics widget at the bottom of Video content edit pages. Filed under: analytics, video

Search has new sort and filter options for viewing key performance metrics of videos at the asset level and site level. Filed under: analytics, video

v4.0 Beta 3.5 release

Release date: June 21, 2018

New feature

Brightspot now integrates with the Lingotek and Google Translate translation services so you can translate content directly from Brightspot. A new dashboard widget displays all translations for the current site (or all sites, if the current site is global). Filed under: translation


A Delete button was added to the Edit Workstream widget. Filed under: work stream

v4.0 Beta 3 release

Release date: June 14, 2018


The Ingestion plugin was refactored for better performance. Filed under: performance

v4.0 Beta 2 release

Release date: May 31, 2018


You can now configure Brightspot to notify users who have downloaded a Digital Asset Management (DAM) asset when there is a new version of that asset. Filed under: Digital Asset Management

There is now video clipping on upload of Amazon Elemental videos, which allows you to immediately trim the source file before transcoding. With videos from Amazon Elemental, you can now add an introduction or explanation to describe the clip's ownership or what is happening in the clip. You can put a watermark on the video, for example, in the bottom-right corner throughout the duration of a clip or create interstitials. Filed under: Amazon Elemental

The Last Login field was added to the administrator's dashboard so that you can view the date a given user last logged in, giving you a better idea of user activity. Both the Role and Last Login fields are sortable to provide a more organized view of user search results. Filed under: user account

v4.0 Beta 1 release

Release date: May 17, 2018

New features

A new Translations Settings content type allows you to control what elements of content are translatable, both at the type level and field level. Filed under: translation

A new Playlists content type provides a cohesive means for associating video content to enhance and expand media consumption in the site experience. Playlists both stand alone and act as subsequent or suggested content associated with a video. You can pick exactly which videos a playlist contains, or let a playlist be dynamically populated with the newest or most popular videos with any specified tag or tags. Filed under: playlist

Brightspot now integrates with Amazon Elemental. Filed under: Amazon Elemental


The Common Content widget has been redesigned and renamed Quick Start. You can create a new item from any of the content types appearing in this widget. Filed under: quick start menu

The dashboard now supports multiple rows. Each row may have one or more columns containing widgets. The dashboard is configured on the Advanced tab of your user profile. Filed under: dashboard

With the updated Scheduled Events widget, you can create events and schedule content to be published at the time of a given event. This widget displays the content scheduled for publishing and is organized by date. Each item is displayed with its scheduled time, content type, and visibility label. Filed under: schedule