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Implementing Auto-Watch

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Auto-watch is a feature that automatically adds a user as a watcher after performing an action on that item. For example, if a user posts a comment to an article's conversation, that user can automatically become a watcher on that article.

You implement auto-watch in actions by recasting the passed item as a Record and then calling the sendMessage method. The following snippet is an example taken from the ConversationWidget class.

private static boolean processForm(ToolPageContext page, Recordable content) throws Exception {; 1

    Record record = (Record) content; 2
    record.sendMessage("watch.autoAdd", page.getUser()); 3

/* Return true or false */


Commits the post associated with the content to the database.


Instantiates a Record variable based on the passed content.


Establishes a watch on the passed content for the user who posted the conversation.

The first parameter for the sendMessage method is one of the following:

  • watch.autoAdd—Adds the user unless the user previously removed the watch.

  • watch.manualAdd—Adds the user regardless if user previously removed the watch.

  • watch.autoRemove—Removes the user unless the user manually created a watch.

  • watch.manualRemove—Adds a user regardless if user previously created a watch.