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Dictionaries and terms

Dictionaries group search terms together so you can easily associate a spotlight with all the terms in single dictionary.

If your version of Brightspot is missing this feature, contact your Brightspot representative.​

Creating a dictionary

A dictionary is a group of terms and associated variants and misspellings. When a visitor searches for a term in the dictionary, Brightspot includes the associated spotlight in the search results.

Procedure. To create a dictionary:
  1. From the Navigation Menu, select Terms.

  2. In the left rail, under Dictionary, click New Dictionary. The New Dictionary widget appears.

  3. In the Name field, type a name for the dictionary.

  4. Click Save.

Adding terms to a dictionary

Terms are individual entries in a dictionary. As you add terms to a dictionary, you typically include synonyms, misspellings, and other variants associated with the term.

Procedure. To add terms to a dictionary:
  1. From the Navigation Menu, select Terms.

  2. In the left rail, under Term, click New Term. The New Term widget appears.

  3. In the Primary Phrase field, type a term or a phrase. Do not enclose phrases in quotes.

  4. In the Variants field, add synonyms or variants of the term or phrase.

  5. In the Misspellings field, add misspellings associated with the term or phrase.

  6. In the Dictionaries field, select dictionaries in which you want to add this term.

  7. Click Save.

Creating spotlights

A spotlight is a dictionary associated with a promo, and you can list spotlights at the top of site searches. For example, if you have a dictionary Environment that contains the word green, and you associate that dictionary with a promo for the article "Measuring Your Environmental Footprint." When a visitor searches on the term green, Brightspot lists the promo at the top of the search results (see the illustration Site search results).

Procedure. To create a spotlight:
  1. Open the required dictionary in the content edit page, or create a new one as described in Creating a dictionary. Ensure the dictionary contains the terms with which you want to associate the promo.

  2. From the Navigation Menu, select Dictionary Spotlight. A list of spotlights appears.

  3. In the Create widget, click New Dictionary Spotlight. A content edit page appears.

  4. From the Term selection field, select the search term with which you want to associate the promo.

  5. From the Promo list, select Set.

  6. Complete the form as required.

  7. Click Save.

When visitors search on the term you selected in step 4, Brightspot includes the promo at the top of the search results.

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