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Sharing content on social networks

This section describes how to share content on Facebook and Twitter; the process is similar for other social networks.

Enabling sharing for content types

Use the following procedure to enable sharing on social networks for specific content types.

Procedure. To enable sharing for content types:
  1. From the Navigation Menu, select Sites & Settings.

  2. In the Sites widget, select the site for which you want to configure sharing, or select Global to configure sharing for all sites.

  3. Under Main, expand Social Publishing.

  4. From the Content Types list, select the content types for which you want to enable sharing on social networks.

  5. Click Save.

For each content type you select in step 4, Brightspot displays the Social Publish accordion in the corresponding content edit form (see the illustration Social Publish widget).

Publishing share links on social networks
Procedure. To publish a link to an item on a social network:
  1. In Brightspot, open the item you want to share on Facebook or Twitter.

  2. If the item is not yet published in Brightspot, publish it using your site's workflow.

  3. Under the item's content edit form, in the Social Publish widget, under New Posts, click the link for the social network (such as Add Facebook Post or Add Tweet). A New Posts widget appears. (If you do not see the Social Publish widget, Add Facebook Post, or Add Tweet, ask your administrator to enable it as described in Enabling sharing for content types.)

    Social Publish widget
    Figure 128. Social Publish widget

  4. From Accounts, select the account or page to which you want to post the content.

  5. From Publish Date, select the date when you want the item to appear on Facebook or Twitter.

  6. In the Message field, write a message introducing the content.

  7. To include a link to your content, mark Include Link.

  8. Click Publish.

Brightspot places the content in a queue for transmission to the social network.

The following image is an example of an article shared on Facebook.