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The Quiz plugin provides the capability to add quizzes, enhancing visitor engagement with your site. For example, a media company could create a weekly "How Well Did You Follow This Week's News?" quiz, consisting of ten questions and answers that are accompanied by hints.

Creating a quiz

Editors perform this task.

Procedure. To create a quiz:
  1. In the Quick Start widget, click Quiz. A content edit form appears.

  2. In the content edit form, provide the following information:

    • Headline: The name of the quiz. The headline appears on all pages containing the quiz.

    • Sub Headline (Optional): Subheadline, which continuously displays for all quiz page updates.

    • Body (Optional): Additional text. Body text continuously displays for all quiz page updates.

    • Intro (Optional): Introduction to the questions, which can include a lead image, title, and description. The introduction only appears when the quiz page is initially rendered.

    • Questions: For each question and set of answer choices, click |mi-add_circle_outline|.

      . Questions
      • Image (Optional)

      • Title: The question text.

      • Choice Group: The answer choices expressed as radio buttons. Select Radio Choice Group.

        For each choice, click |mi-add_circle_outline|.

        • Label: One of the answers presented to the visitor.

        • Response Message (Optional): A response that corresponds with the answer. The response displays when the quiz page shows that the answer is right or wrong. For example, a response message can be Sorry, this is the wrong answer.

        • Correct Answer: Indicates whether this answer is the correct one. Only one answer in the choice set can be marked as correct.

      A completed set of questions appears similar to the following:

    • Score: Brightspot automatically calculates the number of right and wrong answers and displays them on the quiz page. You can optionally include a title to precede the scoring data, such as Your Results. You can also include a call to action.

    • Author(s) (Optional)

    • Slug: Automatically populated with the headline. As an indexed field, the slug can be used for internal editorial tracking.

    • Section (Optional)

    • Package (Optional)

    • Tags (Optional)

  3. Click Publish.

To view the quiz, click the URL in the URLs widget.