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Submitting content via email

With the Mail Publishing plugin you can submit content to Brightspot using your email app.

Procedure. To submit content via email:
  1. Obtain the following from your Brightspot administrator:

    • The "to" address to which you send the email. There are different email addresses for different content types (one address for submitting articles, another address for submitting images, and so on), so be sure to obtain the correct email address for the content type you are submitting.

    • The names of fields you can include in the email.

  2. Open a new email message.

  3. Ensure your email "from" address matches your email address in Brightspot. You can view your Brightspot email address in your profile (click your username in the header, then click Profile).

  4. In the "to" field, enter the email address you obtained in step 1.

  5. Enter an arbitrary subject.

  6. In the body, enter field names preceded by an octothorpe (#), and in the next line enter the field's text. Use the field names you obtained in step 1.

  7. If applicable, attach one image.

    Submitting content via email
    Figure 179. Submitting content via email

  8. Send the email.

Depending on your version of Brightspot, you will receive a message confirming your submission.

Referring to the previous illustration—

  • Lines starting with an octothorpe (#) correspond to fields in a content edit form. In this example, the fields are body, section, headline, and tags.

  • Fields can be in any order, not necessarily the order appearing in the content edit form.

  • If you attach an image to an article, Brightspot uses the image as the article's lead.

  • If you attach multiple images, Brightspot uses only the first one.

  • Brightspot saves your submission as a draft. Contact your Brightspot administrator if you want Brightspot to automatically publish your submissions.

  • If you do not have a #headline in the email's body, Brightspot uses the email's subject as the headline.

  • For section and tag fields (and any other field with a |mi-add_circle_outline| on the content edit form), separate values with commas.

  • Use only names of existing tags or sections. Brightspot ignores tags or sections it does not recognize.

  • Ask your administrator if fields such as body are configured to accept markdown syntax. If so, you can add special effects such as boldface and italics. For an overview of how to apply text effects, see Basic Syntax.