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JW Player

The JW Player addresses network latency by delivering different video formats depending on network conditions. If latency is low, JW Player delivers a high-definition version of your video; if latency is high, JW Player delivers a low-definition version. In either case, your visitors have a smooth playback experience.

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Configuring JW Player

Procedure. To configure the JW Player plugin:
  1. From your JW Player console, acquire your player ID.

  2. Click |mi-menu| > Admin > Sites & Settings > Sites > Global > Integrations.

  3. Under Integrations, select Jwplayer Head Scripts. A form appears.

  4. In the Player ID field, enter the ID you acquired in step 1.

  5. Toggle off Disabled. This setting ensures Brightspot delivers the JW player to the front end.

  6. Click Save.