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With the InDesign plugins, you can seamlessly collaborate on developing content with designers working in InDesign. The plugins easily synchronize content maintained in Brightspot and InDesign. The synchronization provides the following features:

  • Importing content from Brightspot into an InDesign document.

  • Bidirectional synchronization, copying changes to text or images between Brightspot and InDesign. Synchronized changes include content styling, such as boldface and italics.

  • Bidirectional content locking, so editors in Brightspot can prevent designers in InDesign from overwriting unsaved changes, and vice verse.

  • Indicator by which a field in Brightspot results in overset text in InDesign.

  • Unicode character support for synchronizing characters, such as trademark or paragraph symbols, between Brightspot and InDesign.

  • Displaying a PDF preview within Brightspot of the last saved version in InDesign.

  • Integrating InDesign into a Brightspot workflow.

Not supported by the InDesign plugins is layout/edition planning, a feature for combining multiple templates to preview an entire edition.

Installing the Brightspot extension in InDesign

To integrate Brightspot with InDesign you need to install a Brightspot extension.

Procedure. To install the Brightspot extension in InDesign:
  1. Ensure you have an Adobe Creative Cloud account and Adobe InDesign CC version 13.1 or greater.

  2. Go to Adobe Exchange at

  3. Search for Brightspot CMS to InDesign in the Marketplace.

  4. Follow the instructions for installing the extension into InDesign. (An alternative procedure for installing the Brightspot extension is at Download / Install this extension using an Extension Install Utility.) The Brightspot CMS panel appears.

  5. In the Configuration panel, enter your Brightspot tool URL. For example, if editors log in to Brightspot at, enter that URL in the Configuration panel.

  6. Click Update. A confirmation message appears.

Editors can now log in to Brightspot from InDesign, and can synchronize content between the two applications.