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Debugging GraphQL queries

As you are building out your application, you will want to explore the API methods available and run test queries against them. Rather than obtaining an API Key and hitting the actual API endpoint, you can instead use the developer tools right from within Brightspot. The tool can be accessed by navigating to Developer > GraphQL from the Brightspot navigation menu. From there, select from the drop-down the API endpoint you wish to explore and test.


Be mindful too of your user's current Site as denoted in the top right corner of the header, as that will dictate the set of content that can be returned from your sample queries. After choosing an endpoint you will be presented with an interactive GraphQL IDE called GraphiQL configured to hit that endpoint. From there you can explore the API using the Documentation Explorer, run queries, and view a history of past queries that you've run. Queries executed through this tool are not tracked against an API Key.