Support and Documentation

Overview of Brightspot's GraphQL API

There are two API endpoints supported: Content Delivery API and Content Management API.

The Content Delivery API is most appropriate when you want to use Brightspot as a headless CMS. It leverages Brightspot's view system to deliver content in a form most suitable for rendering a web page or powering a mobile app.

The Content Management API is useful if you wish to programmatically query, save, and delete content in Brightspot from another application. This is a lower level API that offers similar functionality as the Dari Java APIs for Querying and Persistence APIs.

For both APIs, their respective GraphQL schemas are auto-generated based on the view models (Java classes extending ViewModel) and data models (Java classes implementing Recordable) that are present in your application. That is to say, the GraphQL schema will always accurately reflect your current application model, and there is no code or configuration needed to keep the two in sync.