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Custom Content Delivery API development
Overview of custom CDA development

For stable production functionality, it typically makes more sense to build a custom Content Delivery endpoint via code, rather than entirely through editorial configuration. An endpoint class can ensure that a fixed set of APIs are exposed with configuration that should not change between different environments.

Implementing custom CDAs
  1. Create a new Java class extending ContentDeliveryApiEndpoint.

  2. Implement required methods:

    • getPathSuffix—appended to /graphql/delivery/ to create the path where the API endpoint is available.

    • getQueryEntryFields—objects wrapping view model and interface classes used to generate the schema and expose APIs.


public class FooContentDeliveryApiEndpoint extends ContentDeliveryApiEndpoint {

    protected String getPathSuffix() {
        return "foo"; // API endpoint is available at path '/graphql/delivery/foo'

    public List<ContentDeliveryEntryPointField> getQueryEntryFields() {
        return Arrays.asList(
               new ContentDeliveryEntryPointField(FooViewModel.class),
               new ContentDeliveryEntryPointField(BarViewModel.class));