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Facebook Instant Article

With the Facebook Instant Articles plugin, Brightspot provides RSS feeds to Facebook. The entries in the feed correspond to items on your site. As Facebook listens to the feed, it pulls and stores the corresponding items from your site. Visitors can then read the items on Facebook directly, which may be faster to load and render compared to reading the same items directly on your site.

Configuring Facebook Instant Articles

Procedure. To configure Facebook Instant Articles:
  1. Ensure you have a Facebook page that is approved for publishing Instant Articles.

  2. In Facebook, determine the page ID under Instant Articles > Configuration > Tools > Connect Your Site.


    Referring to the previous illustration, the page ID is 1950249015288232.

  3. From the Navigation Menu, expand Admin, and select Sites & Settings.

  4. In the Sites widget, select the site for which you want to configure Facebook Instant Articles, or select Global to configure the plugin for all sites.

  5. Under Front-End, expand Facebook.

  6. From Instant Articles Settings, select Set. A form appears.

  7. In the Fb Page field, enter the page ID you determined in step 2.

  8. (Optional) In the Analytics Script field, paste the analytics code that Facebook inserts into the RSS feed. For information about analytics, see Analytics for Instant Articles.

  9. Click Save.

Publishing a Facebook Instant Article

Procedure. To publish a Facebook Instant Article:
  1. From the dashboard, in the Quick Start widget, click Facebook Instant Article. (If you do not see Facebook Instant Article, ask your Brightspot administrator to enable the Facebook Instant Articles plugin.) A content edit page appears.

  2. Enter text in the Title and Description fields.

  3. Ensure Brightspot assigned a URL to the Instant Article.

  4. Click Publish.

Facebook eventually drops the item from the Instant Article feed. You can ensure Facebook perpetually lists this item in the feed by turning on Reform Query after Facebook's initial publication of the instant article.