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Designing headers and footers for syndicated content

Designing the header and footer for a syndicated page is similar for any other page.

Procedure. To provide headers and footers for syndication:
  1. From the Dashboard, in the Quick Start widget, click Syndicated Page. (If Syndicated Page does not appear in the Quick Start widget, see Creating any type of content.) The New Syndicated Page content edit page appears.

  2. Under Main, in the Name field, type a name for the syndicated page.

  3. Enter values for other fields as required.

  4. Toward the right of the widget, select |mi-more_horiz| > Overrides. The Overrides widget appears.

  5. Under Header and Footer, design a header and a footer that the republishing site must include before and after your syndicated content.

  6. Click Publish.