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With the Conversation plugin, you can post messages about individual assets. All other editors who have access to the asset can see your messages in the content edit page. For example, if you post a message to an article, all other editors who have access to that article can see your message.

Sending and viewing messages through Conversation

Procedure. To send and view messages through Conversation:
  1. Search for and open the asset in the content edit page, and scroll down to the Conversation widget. (If you do not see the Conversation widget, ask your administrator to enable it as described in Configuring Conversation.)

  2. In the rich-text editor, type the message, and then click Post.

    Once a message is added it appears above the text editor.

If the Watch plugin is installed, when you post a message to an asset, Brightspot automatically adds you as a watcher for that asset—unless you manually removed yourself from the watch list.

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Sending messages to specific users

You can mention another editor in your post by clicking Mention in the toolbar. If that editor configured delivery options for conversations, then Brightspot sends a notification to that editor. Referring to the following example, Joe Salisbury is mentioned in a conversation.


Depending on Joe Salisbury's subscriptions, Brightspot sends a notification using the appropriate delivery option.

Editing and deleting conversation messages

Once you have created and added a message to a conversation, additional icons become available to allow you to edit or delete the message.

Click |mi-edit| to open the Edit Post widget.


From the Edit Post widget you can modify the text of your message and save it, or you can click Delete Permanently to permanently remove the message from the conversation.

Posting a reply to a message

Once a message has been added to the conversation, you can click |mi-reply| and post a reply to that message.

As you view messages in the conversation and notice a number by the |mi-reply|, it means that message has a reply. Click |mi-reply| to open the Conversation widget to see the replies to that message.

Pinning a message

Click |mi-push_pin| to pin the selected message to the pinned area of the conversation.