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Configuring Slack federated search and notifications

Administrators perform this task.

With the Slack plugin, you can perform a federated search for files stored in your Slack workspace and import those files into Brightspot. You can also send notifications through Slack.

If your version of Brightspot is missing this feature, contact your Brightspot representative.

Procedure. To configure Slack federated search and notifications:
  1. For each workspace you are configuring federated search, ensure you have access to the workspace's console.

  2. From the Navigation Menu, select Sites & Settings.

  3. In the Sites widget, select Global. The Edit Global widget appears.

  4. Under Main, ensure that the Default Tool URL field is set.

  5. In the Sites widget, select the site for which you want to configure Slack, or select Global to configure Slack for all sites.

  6. Under Main, expand Slack.

  7. Under Workspaces, click |mi-add_circle_outline|. A selection field appears.

  8. From the selection field, select Create New. A New Slack Workspace widget appears.

  9. In the Workspace Name field, enter a name for the workspace (typically the name of the Slack workspace you are integrating).

  10. In the Client ID field, copy and paste the redirect URL into a text editor.

  11. Click Slack API Console to access your Slack console. If prompted, log into your Slack account. The Slack Your Apps page appears.

  12. In the Your Apps page, click Create New App.

  13. Name the app and select the workspace that you would like Brightspot to use.

  14. Click Create App. The Basic Information page appears.

  15. Under Features, click OAuth & Permissions. The OAuth & Permissions page appears.

  16. Under Redirect URLs, do the following:

    1. Click Add New Redirect URL.

    2. Enter the redirect URL from step 10 and click Add.

    3. Click Save URLs.

  17. Under Scopes, do the following:

    • To enable federated search, under User Token Scopes, add files:read and search:read.

    • To enable notifications through Slack, under Bot Token Scopes, add chat:write and chat:write.public.

  18. Scroll to the top of the OAuth & Permissions page and click Install to Workspace. A list of permissions appears.


    Depending on your role in the Slack workspace, you may first have to request approval to install the app.

  19. Click Allow. You return to the OAuth & Permissions page.

  20. If you are configuring notifications, do the following (otherwise skip to step 21):

    1. In Slack, under Features, click OAuth & Permissions.

    2. Under OAuth Tokens for Your Team, copy the value for Bot User OAuth Access Token.

    3. In Brightspot's Slack Workspace widget, paste the token into the Token field.

      Slack tokens in Brightspot
      Figure 151. Slack tokens in Brightspot

  21. If you are configuring federated search, do the following:

    1. In Slack, under Settings, click Basic Information.

    2. Scroll to App Credentials.

    3. Copy the client ID and client secret values to the Client ID and Client Secret fields in Brightspot's Edit Site widget (see the illustration Slack tokens in Brightspot).

  22. Click Save.

  23. Click Back.

  24. From the Workspaces selection field, select the Slack workspace you just created.

  25. Click Save.

  26. Repeat steps 7–26 to integrate additional Slack workspaces.

  27. Verify the configuration is activated. In the search panel, under Global Filters, select Slack File.