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Uploading a file

Editors perform this task.

You can upload a file, such as a presentation or spreadsheet, and other editors can search for the file using the file's text. For example, if you upload a single file containing all of the adventures of Sherlock Holmes, other editors can find the file by searching on watson, baker street, or mrs. hudson.

For a listing of supported file types, see the table File formats available with CloudConvert.

Procedure. To upload a file:
  1. In the dashboard, create a new Document, Presentation or Spreadsheet.

  2. In the content edit form, set the applicable fields.

  3. From the File field, select New Upload, and click Choose.

  4. Navigate to and select the file.

  5. Click Publish, or click save to save a draft.

Brightspot extracts the file's text. When the extraction is complete, Brightspot displays the text and a thumbnail under the content edit form's METADATA tab. You can modify the thumbnail by clicking Edit. For information about editing images in Brightspot, see Preparing an image for publication.

Text extracted from a document
Figure 179. Text extracted from a document

Generated thumbnail
Figure 180. Generated thumbnail

When editors search for any of the terms in the extracted text, Brightspot lists the document in the search panel.