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Configuring AutoTag

To integrate Brightspot with the Amazon Comprehend service, you need to configure Comprehend permissions in your AWS account, and then configure the applicable Brightspot plugin.

Configuring Amazon Comprehend permissions

Developers perform this task.

  1. Determine which AWS role is currently being used within Brightspot. See the AWS documentation for information on managing permissions.

  2. Add the following two permissions to the AWS role: comprehend:BatchDetectEntities and comprehend:BatchDetectKeyPhrases.

Configuring AWS Comprehend plugin

Administrators perform this task.

If your version of Brightspot is missing this feature, contact your Brightspot representative.​

  1. From the Navigation Menu, expand Admin, and select Sites & Settings.

  2. In the Sites widget, select Global. The Edit Global widget appears.

  3. Under Main, expand AWS Comprehend.

  4. Set the following fields:


    AWS region to use when making requests to the service. If blank, Brightspot reads the region from a configuration file.


    Language of the text that will be sent to AWS Comprehend. Defaults to English.

    Minimum Key Phrase Confidence

    Minimum confidence rating (0.0–1.0) required to accept a key phrase. See the key phrases documentation for information regarding what a key phrase is.

    Minimum Entity Confidence

    Minimum confidence rating (0.0–1.0) required to accept an entity. See the entities documentation for information regarding what an entity is.

  5. Click Save.