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Fulfilling an assignment

Procedure. To fulfill an assignment:
  1. From the Navigation Menu, select Assignment Desk. The Assignment Desk's dashboard appears. (You can also fulfill an assignment by following the procedure in Creating any type of content.)

  2. In the left rail, filter the dashboard for the required assignment (see the illustration Assignment Desk dashboard).

  3. Click the assignment to which you want to add content. The assignment appears in the content edit page.

  4. Scroll down and expand Content.

  5. Under Create New Content, select a content type for which you want to create an item. The available content types are the ones configured for use with Assignment Desk. (If you do not see a required content type, contact your Brightspot administrator.) A content edit page appears.

  6. In the content edit page, create the content to satisfy the assignment.

  7. Toward the right of the widget, select |mi-more_horiz|> Assignment Desk. A widget appears.

  8. Review and modify the pitches and assignments associated with this item.

  9. In the Editorial Toolbar, click Save a draft or Publish.

  10. Click Back. The new item appears under the assignment's Content accordion.

  11. In the Assignment widget, set the Status field to either Fulfilled or Closed.

  12. Click Save. Brightspot sends notifications to the team members who have Assignment Desk subscriptions.

  13. Click Back to return to the Assignment Desk dashboard.


You can quickly associate uploaded images with pitches and assignments. For details, see Uploading an image from your computer.