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Viewing analytics at the item level

Editors perform this task.

You can view the page views for an item.

Procedure. To view item-level analytics:
  1. Search for and open the item on the content edit page.

  2. Scroll down and expand Analytics.

  3. Click the time bucket for which you want to view analytics.

  4. If the item you opened is a video, the content edit page includes two additional widgets:

    • Watch Funnel—Indicates the number of views as a percentage of video length in 10-percent increments.

    • Watch Time—Indicates watch time by time of day, and average view duration, in minutes.


The following table describes the data series appearing in the Analytics widget.

Table 62. Data series in the Analytics widget



Page Views

Number of times page was successfully loaded in a browser or device.

The following fields appear if you open a video in the content edit page:

Video Impressions

Number of times video was successfully loaded in a player on a page or device.

Video Starts

Number of times video began playback.

Video Views

Number of times video playback lasted at least three seconds.

Unique Video Views

Number of unique playbacks lasting more than three seconds. A unique view is a unique device-user-browser combination.

Analytics widget for a video
Figure 166. Analytics widget for a video


You can toggle metrics on and off in the Analytics widget by clicking the metric name listed along the bottom of the widget. This can help reduce clutter and show you only the data you want to see at that time.