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Overview of themes

Brightspot separates content (text, images, videos) from presentation (how the content appears in a web page). You use the content edit form to manage content, and you use themes to manage the content's appearance. The following sections describe the various aspects of a theme.

Page layout

A page layout specifies which elements are rendered in the web page and in which order. The following examples are page layouts from two themes that render a carousel of images. In the top example, the carousel displays one frame at a time; in the second example, the carousel progress displays two frames at a time and has a button linking to the associated story.

Single-frame carousel


Double-frame carousel


Styling specifies the color scheme, typeface, and general spacing between elements. Brightspot applies styling through traditional CSS files. The following are examples of styling that are almost the opposite of each other: one with black-on-white, the other with white-on-black.




Web pages have a variety of behaviors, such as animation and preliminary data validation. The following animation shows how a forward indicator changes color as the mouse approaches and then clicks on it.


Behaviors are typically implemented using Javascript.