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Locking site settings

If two administrators are simultaneously configuring a site, there is a chance that they overwrite each other's settings. Suppose Jim and Jane are both working in the Edit Sites widget for site Neanderthal Recipes. Jim first sets the site category to Anthropology, and then Jane sets the site category to Cuisine. Jim clicks Save, and then Jane clicks Save. Jim thinks the site category is Anthropology when Jane actually made the last edit.

To prevent conflicting and overridden configurations, Brightspot locks the Edit Global or Edit Site widget in one of two ways:

  • Locking at the widget level. When the first administrator (locking administrator) opens the Edit Site or Edit Global widget, all fields are locked to any other administrator until the locking administrator navigates away from the widget.

  • Field-level locking locks only the fields modified by an administrator, allowing other administrators to modify other fields in the widget.

Site-level locking

Site-level locking locks the entire Edit Site or Edit Global widget. The message area indicates that the widget is locked and by whom. When a widget is locked, only the locking administrator can modify the site. If another administrator belongs to a role with permission to unlock a locked site, then the lock message includes an option to remove the lock.

Lock message
Figure 114. Lock message

Lock message with option to unlock
Figure 115. Lock message with option to unlock

Brightspot allows administrators to remove another administrator's site lock after a period of inactivity. For details about configuring the duration of inactivity, see the table Global settings—CMS tab.

Field-level locking

Field-level locking locks only the fields modified by an administrator on a first-come, first-served basis. For example, Joe opens the Edit Site widget and changes the Site Category field. At this point, Brightspot locks the field in favor of Joe. When Alice opens the Edit Site widget, she sees a message indicating Joe made a change to the field but has not yet saved it.


When Joe saves the site settings, Brightspot releases the field lock, and Alice can then edit the field herself.

Unlocking a site widget

Administrators belonging to a role with the Content Unlock permission can unlock a locked Edit Global or Edit Site widget. (For information about setting this permission at the role level, see Editing roles and Limiting access to locking.)

Procedure. To unlock a locked site widget:
  1. In the lock message (see the illustration Lock message with option to unlock), click Unlock. Brightspot displays a confirmation message.

  2. Click OK. Brightspot unlocks the widget for you, and locks the widget for other administrators.

  3. Edit the site as necessary.

  4. Click Save.