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Resetting two-factor authentication

If a user configured for two-factor authentication loses the authentication device, there is an immediate security risk: the person who found (or purloined) the device may be able access the user's Brightspot account. When a user reports a stolen device used for two-factor authentication, you need to reset the authentication protocol.

You can reset a user's two-factor authentication if two-factor authentication is required for the user at the site, role, or user level.


Resetting two-factor authentication immediately locks that user's account until the user can enter a new authentication password.

Procedure. To reset a user's two-factor authentication:
  1. From the Navigation Menu, expand Admin, and select Users & Roles.

  2. In the User's widget, select the user for whom you want to reset two-factor authentication.

  3. Click |mi-settings|, and from the menu select Reset Two-Factor Authentication for This Tool User. The Reset Two-Factor Authentication widget appears.

  4. Click Reset.