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Embedding a dynamic gallery in the rich-text editor
Procedure. To embed a dynamic gallery to the rich-text editor:
  1. In the Items field, select Dynamic.

    The Edit Gallery widget appears.

  2. In the Items Per Page field, enter the number of items you would like in this gallery.

  3. In the Time Period field, enter the number of days for content to be published within in order to be included in this gallery.

    For example, enter "7" to have images published within the last seven days included in your gallery.

  4. Click |mi-add_circle_outline| to add a tag to this gallery. Adding tags is how Brightspot locates and populates your gallery with the desired content.

    1. Click |mi-search| to search for the desired tags in the content picker.

    2. Click the tag(s) that you want to add to the gallery from the list of tags in the content picker. Each time you click a tag, a new line is generated.

    3. To return to the content picker to add additional tags, click |mi-add_circle_outline| > |mi-search| again.

  5. In the Sort field, select how you want the items in your gallery to be ordered. You can select from Newest, Oldest, Page Views, or Relevance.

    • Newest—Puts the content with the most recent publication date first in the gallery.

    • Oldest—Puts the content with the oldest publication date first in the gallery.

    • Page Views—Puts the content with the most page views first in the gallery.

    • Relevance—Puts the content that most closely matches the tags selected, first in the gallery.

  6. The Pinned Items field allows you to upload or select images that are permanently pinned to the beginning of your gallery, regardless of your settings above. You have two choices: Upload Files or Add Image.

    1. If you selected Upload Files, you have two choices available: Choose Files or Choose A Folder.

      1. Choose Files allows you to individually select the files from within a folder to be uploaded into the gallery.

      2. Choose A Folder uploads all of the files contained within the selected folder.

      3. Complete the additional fields that are standard for any image upload for each file uploaded.


        After the upload completes, only the last image uploaded is displayed with the image fields. Any data entered in these fields is applied to all of the images uploaded. You must individually edit each image with the correct data.

      4. Click Upload.

    2. If you selected Add Image, a placeholder image appears.

      1. Click |mi-search| to open the Brightspot search window where you can search for the desired images for this gallery.

      2. Enter your search criteria and locate the images you want for the gallery.

      3. Select the desired images and close the search window.

        The selected images are displayed in the preview form.

      4. If you need to make any changes to the images or their associated data, click |mi-edit| on that image to open an edit window.

      5. Once you have completed editing the image data, click Back, located in the upper left corner of the page, to return to the Edit Gallery widget.

  7. Expand Enhancement Styles and select your Enhancement Alignment from the following choices:

    Left Alignment


    Center Alignment - Contained


    Right Alignment

  8. Click Save & Close.

For more information on galleries, see Galleries.