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Working with enhancements in the rich-text editor

You can include enhancements, such as images, videos, and external content, in the RTE.

Embedding enhancements in the rich-text editor

You can embed enhancements into the RTE. For example, if you are writing a story about a traffic accident, you can embed images or videos pertaining to the incident.

For information on embedding enhancements within the rich-text editor, see the following topics:

Embedding media using the toolbar

Using this method, you can embed existing shared enhancements or upload new media as shared or one-off.

Procedure. To embed media using the toolbar:
  1. Position the cursor on an empty line.

  2. Click |mi-image|, and then select the type of enhancement you want to embed. An Edit form appears.

  3. In the Edit form, search for or create the enhancement you want to embed.

  4. Click Save & Close.

Embedding enhancements using drag-and-drop

Using this method, you upload new shared media into the RTE.

Procedure. To embed enhancements using drag-and-drop:
  1. Drag a media file from your file manager into the RTE. The Upload Files widget appears.

  2. Complete the fields for the media, and then click Upload.


The uploaded media appears in the Recent Activity widget. Open the media from that widget to add additional metadata.

Positioning enhancements in the rich-text editor

Use one of the following methods to move enhancements to a different position within the RTE:

  • Cut and paste the enhancement.

  • Click the enhancement to display the editing toolbar, and then click one of the buttons described in the following table.

    Table 13. Toolbar buttons for positioning enhancements




    Moves the enhancement up one paragraph.


    Moves the enhancement down one paragraph.


    Turns on drag-and-drop. After clicking the button, move the mouse to the new position, and then click |mi-open_with| to place the enhancement. For a demonstration, watch the following video.