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Conditions for sending notifications

A subscription's content filter is a set of criteria Brightspot applies to an event. If the event satisfies the criteria, Brightspot sends a notification. You can have a subscription with multiple content filters as illustrated in the following example.


Referring to the previous example, Brightspot sends notifications when any of the following conditions are true:

  • An editor publishes an article or gallery to the site Inspire Confidence.

  • An event occurred on an asset you are watching.

  • An editor publishes an audio or video to the site Inspire Innovation.

One of the content filters you can select when creating a subscription is Match All. In this case, Brightspot checks that all of the conditions in the content filter are satisfied before sending a notification.


Referring to the previous illustration, Brightspot sends a notification when all of the following are true:

  • The editor is watching the asset.

  • The asset is published simultaneously to the sites Inspire Confidence and Inspire Innovation.

  • The asset is an article.