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Preparing an image for publication

Use the following steps to prepare an image for publication:

  1. Edit the image for brightness, contrast, and other characteristics.

  2. Set a focus point.

  3. Crop the image.

  4. Add annotations.

All of these steps are done in the image editor.

Image editor
Figure 52. Image editor

The following sections describe each step in detail.


Brightspot always retains a copy of the image you originally added. If you crop, modify, or annotate an image as explained in this section, you can always retrieve the original image.

Editing an image
Procedure. To edit an image:
  1. Open the image in the content edit page.

  2. Above the image, click |mi-brush|.


    Brightspot opens the image in the Image editing form.

  3. Click Edit, and edit the image using the controls described in the following table.

  4. Click Done to close the image editing form.

  5. Complete your site's workflow and publish the image.





Rotates image counter-clockwise.



Rotates image clockwise.



Flips image horizontally.



Flips image vertically.



Changes the image's brightness.



Changes the image's contrast.



Inverts colors on original image, such as black appearing as white.



Applies a sepia filter to the original image.



Applies a grayscale filter to the original image.



Displays image as it was added to Brightspot.

Setting a focus point

An image's focus point is its ideal vertical and horizontal center. When automatically cropping images, Brightspot attempts to keep the focus point in the center of the cropped area.

Procedure. To set a focus point:
  1. In the image preview, select the orientation for which you want to set a focus point.

  2. Click on the preview. A target appears.

  3. Click again to position the target on the focus point.

When selecting a focus point, click the point of the image that you want to be as close to the center as possible in the cropped area. In the previous illustration, the focus point is the topping on the pancakes when the image is rendered in landscape orientation.

Cropping an image

The image editor provides previews of different image sizes as they appear in published content. You can modify the cropping of each image size.

Resetting a crop

You can reset a crop so that it returns to one of the preconfigured sizes.

Procedure. To reset a crop:
  1. In the Image editing form, under the Sizes tab, select one of the pre-configured sizes.

  2. Click Reset Crop. The crop area returns to its original size and position.

  3. Click |mi-close| to close the image editor.