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Use the Upload widget to add files to Brightspot. You can upload a large number of images, PDFs, videos, or almost any other file you need to incorporate into your own content. (Depending on your version of Brightspot, you may be able to upload only certain types of files, such as only PNGs and JPGs.)


Ask your Brightspot administrator if the smart uploader is enabled. If not, use one type of file in each upload. For example, do one upload for images, another for videos, and another for PDFs.

Procedure. To upload files to Brightspot:
  1. In the dashboard, locate the Upload widget. (If you do not see the Upload widget, ask your Brightspot administrator to add it to your dashboard.)

  2. Do one of the following:

    • If you want to drag and drop files into Brightspot, drag all the files you want to upload from your file manager onto the widget.

    • If you want to select individual files to upload, do the following:

      1. In the Upload widget, click select. The Upload Files widget appears.

      2. Click Choose, and navigate to files you want to upload.

    Brightspot displays previews of the images in the Upload Files widget.

  3. Fill out the form in the Upload Files widget. Values that you enter apply to all files you upload.

  4. Click Upload.

Brightspot uploads the images and displays them in the search panel.

Referring to previous image, Brightspot applies the caption This year's must-haves to all of the uploaded images. If you want to change the captions for individual images, you need to open them in the content edit form.


If you frequently upload the same content type, consider changing the default upload type. For example, if you most often upload files as the content type Image, change the default upload type to Image. For details, see Settings for the Global siteand Creating sites.