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The Search widget displays the results of a query you define. Search widgets are useful when you frequently use a search condition and you want to see the results on your dashboard instead of in the search panel.


The previous illustration shows a search widget that displays images published in the current month.

Procedure. To create a search widget:
  1. Create or open a shared or one-off dashboard. For details, see Creating a shared dashboard or One-off dashboards.

  2. Under Columns, expand an existing column, or click |mi-add_circle_outline| to create a new column.

  3. From the Widgets list, select Search Widget. A Search Widget form appears.

  4. In the Heading field, enter a heading for the search widget. Use a name that gives a hint about the search criteria, such as Images published this month.

  5. From the Query list, select Set.

  6. Click |mi-edit|. A content picker appears.

  7. Under Global Filters, enter search criteria. Depending on the search criteria, you can also include content-type specific filters.

  8. Click Done. You return to the Search Widget form.

  9. From the Display Fields list, select the fields you want to include in the search widget.

  10. Repeat steps 3–9 to add additional search widgets to this column.

  11. Repeat steps 2–10 to add search widgets to other columns.

  12. Click Save.

Whenever a new item satisfies the search criteria, Brightspot updates the listing in the widget. For example, if your search criteria returns images published this month, and someone publishes an image, the widget's listing updates automatically.