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Dashboard hierarchy
Understanding dashboard hierarchy

You can configure a dashboard for various levels, as illustrated in the following diagram:

Dashboard hierarchy
Figure 4. Dashboard hierarchy

Referring to the previous diagram, there are four levels in the dashboard hierarchy:

  • The global default dashboard.

  • A site dashboard for editors who are working on a particular site.

  • A role dashboard for editors associated with a certain role.

  • A user dashboard for an individual editor.

Configuring dashboards in a hierarchy promotes consistency among similar users, such as those in the same role or those working on the same site. As an example, suppose a publisher operates several sites, and the Brightspot administrator configured the following dashboards:

  • A global dashboard.

  • A dashboard for the site "Thermostat Warriors."

  • A dashboard for the role "Reporter."

Sam, an editor, configured his own dashboard.

The following diagram illustrates the relationship between these dashboards.


Referring to the previous diagram—

  • Sam uses his own dashboard, regardless of which role he is using or which site he is working on.

  • Other users associated with the Reporter role use the dashboard for the Reporter role, regardless of which site they are working on.

  • Other users associated with roles other than Reporter:

    • Use the dashboard for Thermostat Warriors when working on that site.

    • Use the global dashboard when working on any other site.

Precedence of dashboard settings

If a setting is configured on multiple dashboards, Brightspot uses the setting with the highest level of precedence. The following table describes the setting logic when three dashboards are configured at the global, site, and user levels.



Setting Used




Widget layout





Resources widget



not set


Upload widget


not set

not set


Referring to the previous table—

  • Brightspot uses the widget layout configured at the user level.

  • Because no Resources widget is configured at the user level, Brightspot uses the Resources widget at the site level.

  • Because no Upload widget is configured at the user or site levels, Brightspot uses the Upload widget at the global level.

Shared dashboards and multiple roles

Editors with more than one role have access to each role's dashboard. For example, Adam is an editor associated with the Editor and Writer roles. When opening his dashboard, he sees two tabs, each one containing the dashboard for his associated roles.

Dashboards for an editor's roles
Figure 5. Dashboards for an editor's roles